copper river boat 3Trident has been a longtime partner of Northeast Seafood Products. They provide us with full transparency from the oceans source to your dining plate. Trident is family owned and operated since 1973.   Chuck Bundrant started the company with one boat.  With the help of family he has grown the business into a 40 boat operation that stretches from Alaska to Seattle.

Trident fishes for five species of Salmon with hook and line, seine nets, or gill nets from May to November. They harvest Brown King Crab in September, Red King in October, and Snow Crab in January and Febuary.   As the seasons change they harvest a variety of other fish species: Halibut, Pollock, True Cod, Flounder, Rockfish, Pacific Whiting, Black Cod, and Herring.

Many of these fish are sold fresh but a large portion is also processed into canned products, or frozen portioned products. Through this process it never leaves the hands of Trident. They ensure the quality of their seafood by controlling the entire process, from the oceans source to your plate.

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Thanks Chuck and Joe Bundrant, and the entire Trident family for providing Northeast Seafood with the highest level of quality that we stand firmly behind.