Alaskan Halibut season opens March 6th with our first shipment anticipated to be available from Northeast Seafood on March 11th. Atlantic Halibut from Nova Scotia Canada are available, and at great prices!  Nova Scotia Halibut range in size from 10-50 lbs and offer excellent large white succulent meat.  An alternative halibut is the smaller California Halibut.  This is normally a good time of year for 5-20# fish with consistent availability from Baja and California.  The California Halibut is much more affordable, has less fat content, and is generally less flaky than Alaskan or Nova Scotia Halibut, but offers a great value for your menu!

In January the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) had their annual 5 day meeting to determine the total allocation of U.S. and Canadian Pacific Halibut.  IPHC research studies showed that halibut populations are doing good and quota levels should be increased.  The commission concluded that a 6.5% increase in quota was appropriate with an overall catch limit of 39 million pounds.  This increase is the first in 3 years.   

Last season we saw excellent prices in Alaskan Halibut due to Covid.  2021 will likely start with good pricing till summer demands increase. Halibut prices should start low and may increase to the December close.

Dungeness Crab Season is fully open in California, Washington, and Oregon but availability is limited and prices are at an all time high.

Stone Crab supply has been minimal with very low catch rates and high prices from Florida.  The season remains open till May 15th, there is plenty of time for the catch to improve.   

Opilio Snow Crab Season opens April 9th in Eastern Canada.  The live crab season creates frozen production that builds up an annual supply of snow crab.  Every indication is that prices will be at all time highs.

The Lobster industry continues to face many challenges. Large live lobster, Coldwater tails, Lobster meat, and Warmwater lobster tail prices are at new highs and we don’t anticipate prices to be relieved until the summer months. The first reprieve in prices will be in April when Canadian waters open again for lobster fishing.

The New England Fisheries Management Council has bi-monthly meetings to assess fisheries information and make recommendations to NOAA who creates regulations and enforces them through state legislature.  NOAA re-opened areas previously closed for marine rehabilitation in 2018, then closed the areas back up for 2021 for replenishment. Scallop prices continue to rise and 2021 quotas will be lower than last years, meaning prices will likely remain at current prices.    

Mahi Mahi and Corvina from South America have had consistent catch.  Traditionally February is a great month for Mahi Mahi. We haven’t seen Mahi Mahi prices this low in years! Take advantage while they are still in season.  As the weather warms, Mahi Mahi tend to move to deeper waters where they are harder to find.  We do have some very nice and inexpensive frozen Mahi options available when the fresh season slows down.

Baja Corvina, California White Seabass, California Halibut, and Yellowtail Jack from Baja Mexico start showing up this time of year.  As weather begins to warm, look for great values on these fish!

Farmed commodities Chilean Salmon prices are slightly up beginning February.  Canadian commodity salmon also taking a slight price increase this month. 

The spring equinox is officially March 20, marking the first day of Spring.  Fisheries begin to turn the corner, halibut season re-opens, Baja fisheries flourish, Scallop quotas are re-set, and fish start becoming more plentiful in general. 

We look forward to the spring flowers and sunshine, but more importantly we appreciate your business and look forward to working with you thru the changing seasons!

Northeast Seafood