Stone Crab Season is coming soon!  The Florida season allows fisherman to start crabbing every year on October 15th.  The prices are unknown until the crab comes back to the docs, and hopefully there is a lot of crab this year.  The recent hurricanes may have affected the fishery, or may have limited the number of boats on the water, we’ll see soon!

Halibut season in the Pacific Northwest is scheduled to end November 7th. As of September 19th Alaskan and Canadian fisherman have caught approximately 80% of their 30 Million pounds of allocated Halibut.  The season should finish strong, there are still about 4 million pounds of Halibut to catch….how much can you eat?  After Pacific Northwest halibut season closes we plan to keep Halibut supplies available thru the winter by sourcing through Nova Scotia and limited farmed halibut.

Wild Salmon season is winding down.  We are still getting Coho, Keta, and King Salmon, but the season will be over by the end of the month.  We will have Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fillets, pin bone out and individually frozen for your wild salmon needs till next season.

If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative that is fresh, we have a great supply of Ora King Salmon that is best choice rated by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.

We are also working with Sapphire Salmon as a best choice fresh Atlantic salmon.  Sapphire is building a new land-based facility in Florida that will add to their existing land-based operation in Denmark.  We look forward to the increased supply of an additional facility down the road.   We will be bringing in Sapphire salmon from Denmark available in limited supplies.

If you need a break from Salmon, but don’t want to stray too far, consider Steelhead Trout.  Steelhead, also known as Ocean Trout, are available from USA, Chile, and Scottland.  We will be running a promotion on our Scottish Ocean Trout called SKYE Steelhead, please ask your sales rep for more information.

New Zealand fisheries quotas start back from zero in October, allowing a fresh start on catches.  This generally is a great time for New Zealand fisheries as they are transitioning out of winter and into Spring.  In the near future you can expect to see: Cockles, Greenlipped Mussels, John Dory, and Bluenose butterfish (aka Antarctic butterfish)

Walleye season is NOW!  Great Lakes fisherman are having success catching walleye and will continue to until the ice puts an end to boating season.  Great Lakes fisherman also ice fish for walleye as well, but catches are very weather dependent.

Catfish regulations have been changed by the FDA.  The FDA fears that Asian catfish (Swai) are being passed off as domestic Channel catfish.  To prevent this from happening they have changed regulations to impose a 5-Pound ONLY increment of domestic catfish sales.  This means that all catfish sales moving forward will be in 5-pound increments.  We are unable to break the 5-pound bags into anything smaller according to the new regulations.

Scallop supplies start to get tighter this time of year.  In the last couple of months we have seen scallop prices drop, and we hope that they will stay down. Last year we had a large supply of Hokkaido scallops to subsidize the large increase in domestic scallop prices.  As we move into the Holiday Season scallop vessels on the east coast have fewer and fewer days at sea to fish.  It appears scallop prices will increase in the coming months, and we hope for the Hokkaido market to bounce back again with large scallops.

Mahi Mahi has been a shadow in the open blue that fisherman have been chasing unsuccessfully for the past two years.  We don’t want to count our flock yet, but we are FINALLY getting reports from fisherman in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala that THEY ARE BACK!  Mahi Mahi prices are dropping and supplies becoming more plentiful.  We hope to see large numbers of Mahi in the coming months!

Mexican Shrimping Season is now. We have reloaded on new Mexican White shrimp in a variety of sizes.  If you plan to use a large quantity (500#+), please let us know what size you prefer to ensure supplies for all customers throughout the year.

Octopus demands have sky-rocketed across the US and supplies cannot continue at the current pace.  Prices are increasing on Pre-Tenderized Spanish and Australian Fremantle Octopus.  China processed octopus prices are likely to increase soon.

Hawaii markets have been consistently catching Opah, Ono, Tuna, Blue Marlin, Spearfish and Striped Marlin.  Occasionally, we get the opportunity to bring in Onaga snapper.

Maine lobster tail prices are going thru the roof and are just not available in larger sizes.  Mainly what is available are 3-4oz, 4-5oz, or 5-6oz sizes of coldwater lobster tails.  We are getting very limited larger sizes of coldwater tails, prices will be much higher than our last prices.  Warm water Spiny Lobster Tails are available in all sizes.  Please take advantage of Spiny Lobster while you can as it is very likely that a nation-wide demand will put pressure on Spiny Lobster supplies.  As coldwater tails become available we will be supplying them.

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director

Northeast Seafood