Happy Cinco De Mayo and Kentucky Derby this weekend!  Mother’s Day is next weekend, a very busy Sunday brunch.  University of Colorado graduation ceremony is on Thursday the 10th, Boulder customers be ready!  Monday, May 28th we are closed for Memorial Day.

Wild Salmon Season is just around the corner!  Farmed Salmon prices are going up.  Large Canadian Atlantic Salmon sizes are in shortage, but the smaller fish are in surplus creating a greater spread in market prices.  Our premium brand of Canadian Salmon called Sterling will be closing operations May 17th to allow fish to grow larger. Chilean Atlantic Salmon prices are rising across the board as are Scottish Salmon.  Mother’s Day weekend is the last major sales event for farmed salmon before wild salmon season starts.  We anticipate prices will remain high on farmed salmon till late June when wild salmon prices will be able to compete.

Copper River Salmon is the first major harvest of Alaskan Salmon for the year.  The official opening date is May 17th .  85-90 gillnetting boats are gearing up in Cordova Alaska for the opener that will bring in an estimated 942,000 sockeye and 13,330 chinook (king) salmon.

Copper River sockeye and kings are historically a premium fish in both price and quality.  If you are looking to add wild salmon to your menu / retail store Copper River Sockeye is the most popular “brand” of wild salmon.  As we move into June, there will be more cost-effective pricing on sockeye salmon as Kodiak, Prince William Sound, False Pass, and King Cove will offer relief to high prices.  Bristol Bay sockeye and the Cook Inlet fishery will open to make July the best priced month for wild sockeye salmon. The Fraser River will then open Mid-August and the sockeye run will finally come to an end mid-September.

Wild King Salmon season has started!  May 1st opened the spring season for Southeast Alaska Troll fisherman. Prices are very high.  The July 1st summer run will bring better opportunities for Alaskan Chinook/ King Salmon. Additionally, the Columbia River Chinook season peaks in early September just in time for Labor Day specials!

Wild Coho salmon are troll caught in Southeast Alaska during July and August.  There is also a gill net fishery that starts mid-August catching fish thru many areas of Alaska and Washington producing large volumes of Coho thru September.

Keta Salmon are a great value item for retailers.  Prince William Sound Keta Salmon run should peak around 4th of July Holiday, making for a fantastic ad item!  In September/October we will also have opportunities for Yukon River Keta Salmon.

Soft Shell Crab season is here!  We our receiving our first shipment of fresh dressed Chesapeake Bay soft shell blue crab today from our friends at Handy.   We will continue to bring a variety of live and dressed soft shells as the season moves on, please pre-order 5 days in advance to guarantee your availability.  We are firm believers that the dressed soft-shell crabs have a much better flavor and shelf life, especially during the hot summer months.

Walleye are available from the Great Lakes! These are spring and fall fish that disappear during the summer months.  Known for their buttery white meat, this is a staple in every mid-westerners seafood diet.  We will have frozen walleye for the summer months.

Halibut has been terrific this year! Price and quality are extraordinary.  Last year’s surplus of frozen inventory has caused processors to hold back this year from buying and freezing more.  This has decreased the demand, and lead to these wonderful fresh Halibut prices we haven’t seen in years!  We are receiving Halibut in the 10-40# class with occasional 40-60# fish.  We are also bringing in halibut cheeks when available!

Black cod fishing has been picking up! We have received consistent supplies of fresh Black Cod in the 4-7# J-Cut.   J-cut is a head off cut that does not include the collar bone of the fish.  The collars of Black cod are kept and frozen for as a separate item.

Alaskan Oysters are available from Homer!  Try our new Glacier Points, our most northern oyster.

Rockfish from Oregon and Washington are skinless boneless fillets with a great sustainable story.  Rockfish stocks have fully recovered from over-fishing in the 80s, Seafood Watch Best Choice Rated, and a great value to those looking for an inexpensive way to add seafood to the menu.

California and Oregon we are harvesting fresh Dungeness Crab.  We have Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab, or had picked meat in 1# tubs.

Baja Corvina season has ended.  We normally have a longer run of these fish, but lent fell within the seasonal harvest time while fisherman stayed home.  Better luck next year.  California Halibut, and California White Seabass are still available from Baja Mexico and California – look for these fish to be of good value in the coming months.

Mahi Mahi had an excellent run this winter, but prices are increasing as these fish migrate to deeper colder waters this time of year.

Scallops prices from New Bedford Massachusetts are dropping!  Yes! Fresh Scallop prices are going down in price! More fishing access areas, previously closed, have re-opened to fisherman.  These fishing areas were closed to promote sustainable recovery of sea scallops on the ocean floor and NOAA scientists have approved the re-opening in limited harvest.  We anticipate nice large scallops from these areas, and great prices in the months to come!

Monkfish prices are the lowest they have been in years!  These fish are ugly, but delicious. Known as the poor man’s lobster before political correctness, in our non-gendered society we may want to relabel them as the low-income persons lobster.

Live Lobster prices are coming down! Just in time for Mother’s Day Weekend!

As the spring season kick’s off we’ve got a great selection of seafood at great prices.  Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the seafood we are proud to serve our customers.  Summer isn’t officially till June 21st, but the patios are starting to open and nice weather is in the forecast!  We hope you have a busy and successful month of May!

Chad Pettrone

Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood