Greenhead Lobster from Deer Isle, Maine has been owned and operated by the Reynolds family since 1997. Greenhead grew from a small pier with a couple lobster boats in Stonington harbor to an operation buying lobsters from fishermen across Maine. Greenhead helps keep the Maine fishing tradition alive by supplying over 140 boats with fuel and bait, buying their lobsters, then shipping their famous live and processed lobster to 30 states and 10 countries.

Raw Lobster Claw & Knuckle Meat

With a new state of the art processing center, Greenhead is now supplying Northeast Seafood with Raw Lobster tails, Raw Lobster CK meat, Cooked CK meat, and Live Lobster. The new investment of a high pressure (HP) vacuum machine allows Greenhead the innovative capability to process live lobster into raw lobster meat. Because live lobster decomposes rapidly after death, Chefs have always relied upon bringing Live lobster to the kitchen to steam and prepare. This innovation opens the flood gates of creativity and allows chefs to not only think of different ways to cook center of the plate lobster, but to also create small plates of lobster crudo, sashimi, or ceviche.

Greenhead’s new raw lobster tail meat and raw lobster claw & knuckle meat arrived at Northeast Seafood today! Be the first to bring the tender and sweet flavor of Maine’s best new-shell-lobster to your menu!

​Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director

Northeast Seafood