Chef Wiley Earl of Smokin Fins and Lucky Fins moved out West from NYC where he started his career in the service industry as a bar back at age 15.  He caught the hospitality bug and moved around a lot absorbing knowledge and expanding his skill set.  Chef Wiley landed in South Beach at the age of 21 and worked with notable chefs like Thomas Buckley, Nobu Matsuhisa, and James Wierzelewski.  He kept moving with the opportunities and found himself working in the Bahamas for a billionaire clothing mogul where he unexpectedly meet his wife who brought him out west.  Before Fins, he most recently worked as the Executive Chef for 2 Farm to Fork Restaurant Concepts in Boise named Fork and Alavita.  Chef Wiley has been with the Fins Concept Group for 2 years now, doubling the number of restaurants with plans to double it again in the next 2.  A 3rd concept to be alongside Smokin Fins and Lucky Fins is in the works, so stay tuned to the fast hands of Chef Wiley Earl!

June’s center of plate features:


Grilled Mediterranean Style Mahi – Marinated and grilled Pacific Mahi over cilantro lime rice and topped with red onion, red bell pepper, asparagus, and capers in lemon oil with fresh grape tomato and slivered feta.



Scallop & Ahi – coffee and ancho rubbed Ahi tuna seared and served with scallops over beet stained cauliflower puree, fresh arugula, and flash fried cauliflower florets and drizzled with chili oil.



Char grilled oysters with garlic herb cajun butter, green onion, and alderwood smoked sea salt.




“Ever since I started working with NE their sales people have had the most presence in my stores (Steve & Levon).  I have never had an issue getting answers to my questions quickly.  They are always willing to help me source new product and work with me on getting it at a good price.  It is wonderfully easy to serve a gorgeous piece of fish when it’s delivered to my door with outstanding quality.  It really has been one of my most trouble-free working relationships in my 22 year career as a chef.”

Enjoy Chef Wiley Earl’s polished casual American fusion cuisine at Smokin Fins in Littleton or Ft Collins, as well as Lucky Fins in Greeley!

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood