Having grown up in restaurants, becoming chef Chris seemed natural. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Chris moved to New York City and worked in restaurants for seven years, most notably Floyd Cardoz at Tabla and David Chang of Momofuku. After moving to Denver, Chris spent over a year as a sous chef at Old Major before opening Q House. Chris brings his diverse chef experience to Denver and showcases an untapped areas of Chinese cuisine. Here’s a couple of Chef’s favorites:

Fried monkfish and lotus root, served “typhoon shelter style,” with fried garlic, chilies, and scallions. Typhoon shelter crab is a famous dish in Hong Kong and monkfish is well suited to shellfish preparations due to its sweet and meaty nature.




Bang Island Mussels in black bean sauce, chili threads and cilantro, served with frites. Mollusks are classically prepared with black bean sauce, which is a complex sauce made with fermented black beans and soy sauce, providing lots of umami. We serve this dish with french fries as a wink to the classic Moules Frites dish from Belgium.


Smoked Trout and Bacon fried rice. Fried rice in Chinese cuisine leans towards an aggressively flavored protein to bring life to day-old rice. We chose rocky mountain trout from Riverence Farms, cured and smoked in house with cherry wood. The sweetness and smokiness of the fish and bacon complement each other very well.




Q House is a modern Chinese restaurant located in the Bluebird/City Park neighborhood on East Colfax.  They feature modern interpretations of classic Chinese recipes from China, Taiwan and the other regions of the Chinese diaspora. In addition to the food, they have excellent cocktails, a robust wine and beer selection and a sunny patio to enjoy.