Colorado Catch, Alamosa, CO

Colorado Catch is your best choice to support a local family owned and operated farm.  Buying local is a movement aimed towards minimizing the impacts on our environment and supporting business owners in our community.  When we think of local seafood in Colorado, there are not many options in the middle of the country.  Colorado Hybrid Striped Bass is an amazing and versatile product less than a 4 hour drive from our Denver facility.

Rochelle and TylerColorado Hybrid Striped Bass is one of the few products that Northeast Seafood offers than can be out of the water, cut to portion, and onto your customers’ plate within 24 hours.  The value of having the freshest fish available truly shines in sushi or ceviche applications.  Colorado striped bass are very mild in flavor and have a tender bite when served raw.  If you want to ceviche with lemon and lime, or dip it into soy, this fish is very versatile.  When cooked the Colorado bass offers a flakey moist white meat similar to a striped bass from the ocean.  It is available in a 1# size for a perfect whole plate presentation, or you can purchase them in a 1-1.5, 1.5-2, 2-2.5, 2.5-3 and 3#+ size.  Leave the skin on! The Colorado bass has a thin skin that holds most of the oils of the fish, making for perfect grill marks, or a crispy pan seared skin on presentation.  Make sure to ask for skin on scaled fillets and this fish will show up ready for your skillet.

filletColorado Hybrid Striped bass are a species of fish that are fertilized in a hatchery by mixing together the eggs of a female striped bass with the sperm of a male white bass.  This is NOT a genetic modification of any sort.  Hybrid striped bass do not usually occur in nature because striped bass are most often a saltwater fish, and white bass are freshwater.  Striped bass have the capability of surviving in fresh water, making this fertilization process possible.  Bringing together these two species of bass allows for a fast growth cycle that offers the perfect farmed fish.

tanks in valleyColorado Catch’s farm is located in the San Louis Valley, home to the San Louis Aquifer offering pure artesian water directly from the ground.  This pure water is what gives the Colorado Bass a mild clean taste that other states cannot replicate.  Water is a precious commodity in Colorado and Colorado Catch recycles their water through all of their tanks before then using the left-over water to irrigate their alfalfa crops.  This Bi-cultured use of the farms resource is very sustainable. Most farmers run mono-cultured crops, focusing on only one product to offer consumers.  Why not get more uses from our resources?  Colorado Catch is leading the way in sustainable practices.

If you’d like to visit the farm this year, please send me an email as Tyler and Rochelle are happy to host us for an educational tour of the facility.

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Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood