Matthew and Gary Moretti own and operate Bang Island Mussel Company.  Their office is a series of floating rafts in the Casco Bay, Maine.  They are dedicated farmers who are passionate about their mussels and the environment in which it grows.

Bang Island Mussels are raised by seeding dropper ropes suspended in the water column under rafts.  The rafts provide protection and shelter for the mussels to grow in a stress-free environment.  Creating a perfect environment for a mussel is a culmination of nutrients, water flow, and wave size to produce plump and tender meat.  Bang Island Mussels have and unmatched meat to shell ratio and are likely the best mussels in the U.S., but there is more to the story than just an advertisement for mussels.

Bang Island Mussels operate under the name of Wild Ocean Aquaculture with the objective to have a positive net yield on the environment.  What does this mean?  When mussels grow they filter particulate organic matter such as phytoplankton from the ocean.  The net result is improved water quality, which is positive for our environment.

Matt and Gary are going one step further by raising Sugar Kelp called “skinny kelp” alongside the mussels.  Kelp absorb inorganic matter just like plants on land, taking Nitrogen, Phosphorus and CO2 from the water.  The effect is a reduction in acidification in the surrounding waters which makes Bang Island Mussels (made from calcium carbonate) very very happy!

The relationship of mussels and kelp has peaked the interest of scientists. Wild Ocean Aquaculture’s Bang Island Mussels have a partnership with Bigelow Labs who is gathering more scientific evidence on the effects of this relationship and the positive effects it will have for future generations.

It’s easy to support great farmers who produce high quality products that help our environment – Put Bang Island Mussels on your menu today!

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director

Northeast Seafood