Ballard Fish & Oyster helps Northeast Seafood to supply quality littleneck and middleneck clams as well as varieties of oysters including: Chunu, Chincoteague, Misty Point, Watch House Point, and James River.  Their quality and consistent shellfish come from the experience of 5 generations, spanning over 120 years in business.  Ballard has two brand names Cherrystone Aqua-farms and Chincoteague Shellfish, both farming from seed and planting into the saltwater nutrient rich tidal areas on both the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean areas of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

oysters_tBallard Fish & Oyster were the first to cultivate oysters in a period of time when wild oysters were over-harvested and stocks depleted in Chesapeake Bay areas.  During this time, little was known about farming oysters and the uncertainty of success was a huge risk in pursuing this new endeavor.  Many frustrating years of trial and error lead to a slow growth in farmed oyster production but, the process was created and implemented on clams as well, which would change the course of Ballard Fish & Oyster.  Originally started as a wild oyster harvesting company around 1895, Ballard is now one of the largest clam farms in the world!

BCP_CAF_ClamDishChad Ballard is the President of Ballard Fish & Oyster and represents the 5th generation of shellfish producers.  His Salesman, Tim Parson has been with the company for over 30 years.  When Tim was first hired he didn’t have any clams to sell because the aquaculture production was still new to the company.  Today they have industry leading facilities and processes that grow beautiful clams and oysters in wild waters with a grit-free bite!

Please watch their new video that shows the culture rich history, specific farming locations, and facility processes that make Ballard Fish & Oyster the finest shellfish farm in the world.

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood