The History of Northeast Seafood

Northeast Seafood was founded in 1980 with an inspiration to bring hand selected fresh seafood from Massachusetts to Colorado. This idea started when owner Blair Joyce worked for a seafood company near Boston Harbor while home for summer from Denver University. His summer employer soon became his only supplier when Blair graduated from DU. Blair found an ambitious graduate from Colorado University that believed in his idea, Paul Packer. The two started selling seafood from a mobile refrigerator unit in the back of a Ford Pickup. They sold fresh clams, scallops, oysters, and small amounts of fish to a handful of restaurants. Within nine months they outgrew their vehicle and needed more space.

In 1981 they opened Northeast Seafood Market in the Table Mesa Shopping Center of Boulder, Colorado. They soon hired their first employee, who still works for the company! Sandy Black.  In 1983 Scott Packer, brother to Paul joined the company. The store was a success and wholesale business continued to expand requiring more trucks servicing a greater reach of customers.  The team was strong and business with retail stores and restaurants was out-competing their Boulder retail location.

In 1984 they decided to move their entire business to a wholesale operation on Columbine St. and I-70 in Denver with 6,000 square feet to work with. They soon outgrew the operation and in 1987 they moved into a 10,000 square foot facility. The final move was made in 1999 to where we presently operate at 4555 Kingston St with 31,000 square feet.

Blair, Paul, Sandy and Scott still serve the same customers they started business with in the 80’s. The company continues to hand select and cut fish to Chef specifications 7 days per week.   Northeast Seafood sustainably sources the finest and freshest seafood from around the world to serve customers in the Rocky Mountain region.