Alaska Wild Salmon Day was officially signed by Gov. Bill Walker and designated for August 10th.  If you are planning to celebrate this first holiday, we are expecting the Sockeye Salmon run to be winding down and the Wild Coho Salmon to be picking up.  Coho, sometimes called Silver Salmon, are expected to run from August to October.  At the end of the Coho run, we can expect to see some King Salmon from Washington.   Net King Salmon will be available from Alaska thru the summer, there are available now and are without question the best wild salmon available in the world.

Farmed Atlantic Salmon prices from Norway and Scotland are firming.  Chile has caused a shift in demand within the global salmon market.  Premium salmon is more attractive than ever in this market.  Try using a brand name on your menu to entice customers can learn more about the differences in farmed salmon.  The only best choice rated ocean farmed salmon – Ora King Salmon, currently has a competition in place for Chef’s in USA to win a trip to New Zealand.

Scallop prices have risen in recent months and due to demand for a less expensive and large scallop we have U-10 Japanese Hokkaido Scallops.  This alternative to our regular dry fresh scallop is a previously frozen product that is not treated with STP (sodium tripoly-phosphate).   Chefs are enjoying this natural alternative as it has a nice bright white color and sears nicely in a pan.

9” Long King Prawns from Australia!  If you have been looking for a WOW factor on your shrimp dish, try our new Head On King Prawns.

Mussel Season is here.  We are getting a wide variety of rope cultured and wild mussels.  Try the Salt Spring Island Mussels.  These are a one of a kind mussel from British Columbia and are a mated cross species of Mediterranean Mussels and Atlantic Blue Mussels (PEI), giving them the best of both worlds. Learn more about Salt Spring Island Mussels in this months Featured Supplier or on their website

Kampachi is in house and available in a 8# + whole fish.  These are farmed raised in Baja, Mexico for their premium sushi qualities.  The whole Kampachi is the featured image of this market report.

Soft Shell Crab Season continues to be popular, we are bringing in both fresh “live” softshell crabs as well as dressed soft shells in 4.5-5” Primes, 5-5.5” Jumbos, and 5.5”+ Whales.

California Seabass Season has hit its peak and we are expecting to see prices firm in August.

Black Cod season will continue thru the summer and we plan to bring farmed Black Cod as well as run refreshed Black Cod to ensure menus have a consistent supply.

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director

Northeast Seafood