This Sunday the World gathers to watch Croatia and France compete in the World Cup of Soccer!  I don’t think too many soccer fans are going to want seafood at 9am with their beer, but you never know!

Wild Salmon Season is at the fisherman’s peak! If you were in Alaska you could dangle your toes in the water and catch salmon!  Sockeye are abundant, and prices are good right now.  King Salmon quotas are tightening, but available.  Coho salmon season is around the corner, as is Keta salmon.

Alaskan Halibut fisherman have gone salmon fishing.  Captains who receive Pacific halibut permits also receive a wild salmon permit, so many fishermen have switched gears to pursue the high-volume salmon season.  This creates a lull in the Pacific Halibut catch that we supplement with high quality Nova Scotia Halibut.  Alternatively, we have a good supply of California Halibut if you are looking for a lower cost option.  Pacific Halibut fisherman return in September or October to finish their Halibut quota that ends in November.

Alaskan Black Cod fisherman are staying true to their niche market that is very popular in Japanese cuisine.  Black Cod is a market name, Sablefish is the true name of this pearly white meat, high in Oemga-3s, and a velvety texture often giving a crab-like flavor. We anticipate Black Cod to be caught and available till November.

Fresh Dungeness Crab meat continues to be available.  Dungeness Crab this time of year is caught in Alaska, hand-picked, and shipped to Colorado.  Fresh Dungeness crab is seasonal and at a great price compared to the currently high priced pasteurized crab meats.

California White Seabass, California Halibut, and Yellowtail Jack thrive on the hot summer heat of the Southern Pacific.  Cal White Seabass season is taking off and prices are dropping!  Cal White Seabass is a seasonal white fleshed fish that is harvested from California down thru Baja Mexico.  It is normally a short season, so get it while its hot!

Bluefin Tuna season has started in the North Atlantic.  These fish are line caught with Rod and Reel from the Gulf of Main.  Bluefin Tuna can be from 150 – 400 pounds, please let know in advance if you are interested in having us purchase a fish on your behalf.

Monkfish prices have been remained low for the past couple of months.  This is a wonderful fish that is often called the poor man’s lobster.  Monkfish works well as a surf and turf seafood item! It is a moist and tender white meat similar to the firmness and texture of a scallop.

Swordfish prices are very low.  We are getting swordfish from the Gulf, but they tend to migrate North and we expect to receive catches from the Carolina’s up to thru Massachusetts in the coming months.  Hawaiian billfish are also plentiful, we have a supply of spearfish, blue marlin, or striped marlin at very reasonable prices.

Salt Spring Mussels from British Columbia are a full flavored premium mussel with rich white meat.  More info available here:

Walleye season in the Great Lakes ends when fisherman stop catching fish.  We have been receiving a limited supply but anticipate this to end any day now.

Wild Striped Bass season has started in Massachusetts. Sushi grade Fluke is also available.  Both fish are delicious, and in a premium price class.  Please let us know in advance if you would like either of these fish.

It is officially mid-summer, please take the time to keep all seafood on ice in the refrigerator, especially shellfish.  Mussels, Oysters, Live Softshell Crab, and Live Lobster do not like the hot summer months – here’s some tips to keep your shellfish fresh:

  1. All live shellfish need to breath, so make sure plastic bags are not smothering your product when storing. Northeast Seafood boxes are packed on ice in plastic bags for delivery. Please repack our boxes upon arrival, taking out the plastic bags.
  2. Mussels should be packed directly in ice.
  3. Oysters and Clams can be stored in empty cardboard boxes on the floor of the walk-in, as it is the coolest location. Oysters or Clams stored touching ice will filter the fresh ice water and lose flavor. Stacking draining trays of ice with shellfish on top can also be effective.
  4. Live Softshell Crab should be dressed and used immediately. If you purchase dressed soft shells, they were cleaned at the liveliest time of the crab’s softshell life and tend to last longer.
  5. Live Lobsters shed their shells this time of year in the warmer southern waters of Maine, we are purchasing premium hard shells from Canada to avoid these shell issues.
  6. You can also purchase Cockle Clams and Coromandel oysters from the cold waters New Zealand to combat the summer heat.

Thank you for choosing Northeast Seafood.  We will continue to work hard and bring you the highest quality seafood on the planet!

Chad Pettrone

Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood