Wild Salmon Season is Here!  Copper River King and Sockeye Salmon are available, and newly opened Alaskan Peninsula, Kodiak, and Prince William Sound fisheries are bringing in fish!  This means that more sockeye and king salmon are available and driving prices down thru June.  July will be the best priced month for wild salmon as Bristol Bay and the Cook Inlet will bottom-out market prices.

Halibut availability and pricing is firm.  Alaskan Halibut fisherman are switching gear to fish for salmon in the coming months. Every Halibut fisherman also receives a wild salmon permit, creating a lull in the market this time of year.  Halibut season ends in November, so they will come back to halibut again in August or September to try and hit their total allowable catch.  We will likely have offerings of Nova Scotia Halibut during this to maintain fresh halibut supplies for our customers.

Farmed Atlantic salmon prices from Canada and Chile are dropping as predicted.  Farmed salmon prices increased before wild salmon season began, but now demand continues to decrease, dropping prices.  Scottish and Norwegian salmon prices have yet to follow this trend but will likely have the same decrease in demand come July.

Scallop prices are excellent and we anticipate these great prices to hold thru the summer months.  More info on our domestic scallops here: https://northeastseafood.com/2016/05/new-bedford-scallops-from-oceans-fleet-fisheries/

Pasteurized Blue Crab Meat prices remain sky-high, and we believe to finally have reached the peak of pricing.  We are not sure how long it will take for prices to start dropping, but relief is coming soon.  If you’re looking for a great alternative, try our seasonally available fresh dungeness crab meat!

Live lobster prices are coming down for the summer month.  Frozen Lobster meat prices have dropped back down! Just in time for Lobster roll season! Available in Claw and Knuckle (CK) or Claw, Knuckle, Leg (CKL).

Soft Shell Crab season is here! Chesapeake Bay soft shell blue crab are available live and dressed. As the season moves into the hot summer months, we are firm believers that the dressed soft-shell crabs have a much better flavor and shelf life.  Please pre-order your softshell crab to guarantee availability.

Summer time menus are often featuring local fresh produce, why not do the same for seafood?!  It’s not too often we get to advertise local seafood in the middle of the country, but we have some great options!

Colorado Striped Bass from Alamosa are a Husband/Wife team with a big family and ranch.  The water comes from the pristine San Louis Aquifer 700 feet below the farm.  These are high quality sushi grade fish!  More info here: https://northeastseafood.com/2016/06/colorado-striped-bass-farm/

Another local seafood option is Trout!  Traditional white fleshed rainbow trout will be limited in supply during summer months.  This is normal, as the warm temperatures cause the cold-water trout to become uncomfortable.  We will have red fleshed Rainbow trout thru the summer months.  Both Red Trout and White Trout are the same fish, rainbow trout, but fed a different diet.  On menus they can both be called “Rocky Mountain Rainbow Trout”. If you are a fisherman that harvests from the wild, you will know that wild trout typically have an orange-color flesh because of the freshwater crustaceans that they eat.  Farmed Red trout remain healthy thru the summer months (unlike white trout) due to their enriched diet.  Please make the switch to Red trout this summer.  More info here: https://northeastseafood.com/2018/06/riverence-trout-from-idaho/

Black Mussels can be difficult to keep alive during the summer months.  Black mussels can spawn this time of year making them weaker for transport.  To limit your risk of loss, pack all mussels on ice in the refrigerator upon arrival to keep them alive and healthy.

Wild Sturgeon from the Columbia River is available!  This is a sustainable limited harvest of sturgeon that are released into the wild as small fish and captured as 15-30# fish for commercial harvest. Sold as bullets, meaning: no head, dressed, and no tail they average 8-20# and can be bought as fillet also.

California White Seabass season is around the corner, usually peaking in late June.  These are large 10#+ fish that make a wonderful menu item or retail special.

Rock Shrimp continues to catch off the coast of Florida.  We had a couple of years when Rock shrimp were in limited supply, but now have plenty to go around!

As we move into the busy summer months we anticipate business to increase.  Please try to stay one step ahead of the demand and prepare for busy weekends by bringing in your seafood on Thursday rather than Friday.  We are working hard to get you the freshest and highest quality seafood available in Colorado!

Thank you for choosing Northeast Seafood!  We specialize only in seafood and are proud to be your supplier.

Chad Pettrone

Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood