It’s Father’s Day this weekend! Outdoor patios will be filled with customers hungry for grilled favorites like swordfish, marlin, lobsters and salmon.  June 21st is the Summer Solstice, marking the longest day of sunlight in the northern hemisphere.  Fourth of July is just around the corner and normally sparks huge demands for Lobster.  Wild Salmon hit’s its stride along with many other seasonally available summer catches including: Soft Shell Crab, California White Seabass, Alaskan Black Cod / Sablefish, and Halibut.  This is THE BEST time of year for seafood!

Wild Sockeye Salmon season is taking off!  We will receive sockeye from a variety of fisheries in Alaska including: Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, Kodiak, and the Alaskan Peninsula.  The addition of all these fisheries to Copper River is driving prices down.  More salmon fisheries will continue to open as we move into July and we expect prices to continue to drop.  Don’t wait too long to put wild salmon on the menu as the season slows down in September, giving us about 3 good months of Kings, Sockeye, Coho, and/or Keta Salmon.

Mid-July and into August expect to see fisheries opening for Coho and Keta salmon (chum).  Coho and Keta are gaining in popularity over recent years for restaurants, grocery stores, and smoked salmon products.  Sockeye and King prices will remain at a certain price barrier, whereas the Coho and Keta (Chum) salmon will be at a price point that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Alaskan halibut fishing will slow-down, and prices are likely to slightly increase this time of year.  This is not because the halibut catch is poor, but because many commercial fisherman switch tactics to catch wild salmon.  Wild Salmon are available for a limited time of year, so fisherman can get into salmon for 1-3 months, and come back to Halibut fishing in the fall.  Prices are currently stable on halibut, but should change soon.

Trout is a very popular menu item in the summer months and we are expecting prices to increase for the month of July.  We hope that supplies will be available thru this HOT period, but rainbow trout don’t like the heat. Rocky Mountain trout grow very slow in the summer months, so most farms must prepare thru the winter.  Our farms in Idaho are telling us that we will likely be in shortage of trout in the coming months.  Unfortunately, trout is a great seller for the summer months, but you may look at alternatives like steelhead trout raised in Scottland, or Arctic Char raised in Iceland.

Scallop prices are dropping on USA New Bedford Scallops.  Japanese Hokkaido U10 sized scallops are no longer available until next year’s harvest.  Hokkaido scallops are seeded in the waters of Hokkaido Japan and farmed on an annual basis. This is a very sustainable means of ranching scallops, but also limits the supply on an annual basis.  Hokkaido’s have become very popular in the last year as USA wild scallop prices raised to new heights. Now, the USA wild scallop prices are dropping while Hokkaido’s supplies have run out.  Learn more about our USA New Bedford Scallops here:

Customers love the taste of the ocean while enjoying warm summer rays, there’s nothing better than slurping oysters, cracking open a lobster, or scooping up a delicious broth with a mussel shell or clam shell.  50 varieties of Oysters, 2 or 3 varieties of Mussels, 6 – 8 Clam choices, and 6 sizes of Live Lobsters will give your customers excellent live seafood choices.

California and Mexican waters will provide us with excellent seafood options including Cabrilla Grouper, Yellowtail Amberjack, Hauchinango Snapper, California White Seabass, Corvina Seabass, Live Sea Urchins, and California Halibut.  These options will be a great value during the warm summer months.

Hawaii’s deep clear oceans start offering more availability of Onaga Snapper, Ono, Opah, Tuna, Blue Marlin and Spearfish.

East coast striped bass fisheries become available this time of year, but prices and regulations can be an inhibitor to consistent supply.  Black seabass and Fluke are catching well for now, we may see temporary closures thru the summer for stock assessments.  Monkfish, Lemon Sole, Atlantic Cod, and Haddock remain consistent fish options.  Make sure you don’t forget about those delicious soft shell crabs available in Prime, Jumbo and Whale sizes!

New Zealand Bluenose and John Dory have been consistently offered both are premium quality seafood items that customers are sure to enjoy.

Walleye has been available, but we should soon see the fish retreat to the deep waters of the Great Lakes and become difficult to catch.  Please prepare for this fish to not be available in the coming weeks, but return in the fall.

Wild Cobia has been on the market and we recently brought some in with hopes to see some demands for this versatile white fleshed fish this summer.

We’ve had requests for small fish, and have brought in Maine Sardines.

If you are interested in jumbo head on prawns from Australia.  We have an opportunity to bring in U6 Kings Prawns in a 5kg box.  Please let us know if you can purchase by the case.

We’ve got an amazing selection of fresh and frozen seafood for you this summer!  This is the time to fill those menu’s with refreshing and healthy seafood options that will keep your kitchen staff on top of their game, and impress your customers thru this busy summer season!


Thank you for the opportunity for Northeast Seafood to impress you!
Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood