May 14th is Mothers Day! Happy Mother’s Day to our women chefs, restaurateurs, and retailers!  This is one of the biggest weekends of the year for restaurants as families want to keep Mom out of the kitchen on her special day.  If you are in Boulder, it is also Graduation Weekend and will definitely be the busiest weekend of the year!

May 29th is Memorial Day weekend and Northeast Seafood is closed on Monday.  Please prepare by ordering a little more on your Thursday or Friday orders.  If you wait till Saturday we will likely be sold out of limited supply fresh seafood items.

The countdown to wild salmon season has been officially announced!  May 16th will be the opening day of the wild salmon season on the Copper River.  They will have a 12 hour opener from 7am to 7pm.  Expectations are low for this year’s return of salmon. This could mean very high prices to start the season, but Copper River Sockeye and King salmon have become a recognizable name for consumers.  We are willing to pay the high prices for these delicious sustainable salmon, and we hope your customers are too!

Salmon Season Calendar!  These are the seasonal fishery dates, and not necessarily when we will have fish in house.  Please check with us to see if a specific fish is available when we get closer to the dates:

  • Copper River King / Sockeye (May 16th – June 25th)
  • Kodiak Sockeye (June 15th – July 1st)
  • Prince William Sound Chum / Keta Salmon (July)
  • Cook Inlet Sockeye : This is the majority of sockeye available and when prices really start to drop (June 20th – Aug 7th)
  • Southeast Troll King Salmon (July 1st – July 15th)
  • Southeast Troll Coho Salmon (July 10th – Sept 15th)
  • Kodiak Sockeye (Aug – Sept 15th)

Soft Shell Crab season is here!  We have chilled live and fresh dressed Chesapeake Bay soft shell blue crab in Hotel, Prime, Jumbo, and Whale sizes.   We will continue to bring a variety of live and dressed soft shells as the season moves on, please pre-order 5 days in advance to guarantee your availability.  As we move into the hot summer months live soft shell crab become very difficult to keep alive.  We are firm believers that the dressed soft shell crabs have a much better flavor and shelf life than the live soft shells in the summer months.  While the weather stays cool in Chesapeake Bay we have both, so give them both a try!

A big sigh of relief as Lobster prices are finally dropping.  The Canadian fisheries are open for 60 days. Lobster is coming from New Brunswick and PEI.  There is still a huge demand for lobster from the growing middle class of China, but for now there is enough lobster for everyone.  The long Canadian winter has procrastinated the opening of the Harbors, but the ice is free and Lobstermen are bringing in live lobster. Prices should continue to drop for the 60-day season.

Alaskan Halibut Season is off to a fantastic start! Prices are staying very reasonable, this is a fish you want on your menu!

Wild Black Cod hasn’t turned on yet, but we are expecting to keep a consistent supply available late May thru October.  Alaskan Sablefish fisherman have been searching for alternatives to long line fishing over the years as Sperm Whales have targeted their boats for an easy meal.  The Sperm Whales pick off the Sablefish / Black Cod from long lines like kabobs on a stick.  As a result, Pot traps are becoming more popular, more sustainable, and fresher means of bringing live fish to the boat.

California fisherman are bringing in both White Seabass and Halibut.  California Halibut is a great affordable substitute to Alaskan Halibut, but supplies are less consistent.  Further south in Baja Mexico we are at the end of Corvina Seabass season.  Look for White Seabass prices to start dropping and supplies to be more consistent in the coming months.  Along with White Seabass we also start to see Yellowtail Jack being caught with consistency.

Swordfish prices are starting to drop as southern waters warm.  We are beginning to see a good supply out of the Gulf from Florida and Louisiana, and expect some consistent catches from these areas for at least a month.

Walleye Season from the Great Lakes continues to be productive.  This fishery will slow down and eventually stop in the hot summer months.  Take advantage now while still available.

We have 3 options for farmed steelhead aka ocean trout.  Two options are out of Scottland, Skye ocean trout sized 3-5kg (, or a GMO free jumbo ocean trout 6-8kg.  The third option is a USA farmed steelhead from the Columbia River, available in fillet only 10# or 35# boxes.  The USA steelhead is seafood watch best choice rated, more info on that here:

Snow Crab prices are coming down as the Canadian Atlantic season is off to a great start.  We will be stocking up on snow crab soon as inventory levels grow from our Canadian processors. We are hoping for prices to drop up to $1 per pound, but too early to know for sure, please ask if you plan on putting snow crab on your summer menu.

We have added a new smoked salmon purveyor to our cold smoked salmon options.  Gerard & Dominique European Lox are cold smoked and hand trimmed for a 100% use.  These are dry cured, pre-sliced, non-GMO certified, a premium quality product!  Available just in time for Mother’s Day!