The Flatiron Foodie Film Festival hosted a Chef Competition Sunday April 29th, 2018.  Two teams competed for the crowd and judge favorites.  Chef Theo Adley of the Populist used his elegant and decorative vocabulary to emcee the event.  Each team was revealed the secret ingredient of Cobia at the event, and was required to add Cobia to one of two dishes (120 portions) to be made within 1 hours time.  The other requirement was to have egg and noodles in both dishes.  On Team East: Thran Tran, Jeff Stoneking, and Ryan Gorby put together impressive presentations and flavors to win the popular vote over Team West: Kyle Mendenhall, Steve Redzikowski, and Thomas Vigil.  Judges Sara Brito of Good Food 100, Denise Mickelsen Food Editor of 5280, and Chef Kelly Jeun of Frasca gave wonderful critique and an ultimate decision to team east as well.  All proceeds for the event went to the Flatirons Foodie Film Festival that celebrates exceptional culinary cinema with an annual film festival.  This years festival will be October 11-14th, 2018.  Find more information visit