November is a shoulder month between summer and winter, and often brings the first days of resort skiing for the Colorado season.  As we switch seasons and get ready for winter the windy oceans can be unforgiving to fisherman.  Please keep a back-up plan in mind for those few days this winter where we may be short on supply.

Farmed Salmon prices in Chile and Canada are trending upwards as supplies are less than expected after this summers red tide crisis in Chile.  These prices increase we hope to be temporary as demands this time of year are minimal.  If prices trend high into the holidays, please look at our premium salmon labels and tell your customers the price difference is worth it: Ora King Salmon (MBA best choice), Verlasso Salmon (MBA good alternative), Wild Isles Organic Salmon (zero waste farm), Creative King Salmon (organic), and Sterling Salmon (hand selected).

Wild Salmon season still hanging on.  We are receiving wild Coho and Kings Salmon and should receive one more shipment of Keta Salmon.  This season will end soon, but please enjoy while still available.

Hawiian markets are plentiful.  Look to run specials of Onaga Snapper, Fresh Kauai Shrimp, Hapu’upu’u Black Seabass, and a variety of billfish Kajiki, Nairagi, and Hebi.

Domestic Wild Gulf shrimp reported slow catches in September.  The 11.2 million pounds caught was 82% of the 14 year average.  Coming up short in supply, this will likely equate to higher wild gulf shrimp prices.  An alternative Ecuador wild shrimp has been priced similarly to domestic gulf over the years, but may offer value if prices change dramatically.  Mexican white shrimp fisherman also reporting declining catches – Mexican white shrimp prices will continue their upward trend.  Less popular Australian king prawns, Argentine red shrimp, Florida pink shrimp, Oregon salad shrimp, and Florida rock shrimp can be a great alternative as prices may rise into the Holiday season.

Alaskan Halibut Fishing Season closes November 7th.  We will receive fish on the 10th, for the last of our fresh Alaskan halibut for the season.  We will continue to receive Nova Scotia halibut fresh, weather pending.  We will also start a previously frozen halibut program to meet the demands of customers who want to continue to offer this excellent white fish.

Walleye from Great Lakes is picking up.  Get it while you can! Weather has been warm in the Great Lakes thus far, but can start freezing up with only a couple weeks of Southerly Arctic winds.

Nantucket Bay Scallop season has started.  Only 180# were offered in the first catches, and all were eaten up by local markets.  We should see some scallops in the very near future.

Florida Stone Crab Season opened in October and we are starting to bring in Claws based upon demands.  Sizing is claws per pound: Medium (6-8ct), Large (4-6ct), Jumbo (2-4ct), Colossal (1-2ct).  Please pre-order a week in advance so we can make sure to bring in the size you prefer.

Swordfish still being caught from George’s Banks and Grand Banks in the North Atlantic, offering a premium large swordfish at incredible prices.

Escargot available in the shell.  Case size is 2 X 6dz

Alaskan King Crab Leg prices are up.  Demand is so great overseas that they are starting to sell clusters, rather than leg only.  This cuts down of processing time but also adds a lot more weight to boxes.  We will continue to offer legs, but if interested in bulk ordering clusters, please let us know.

Canadian Smelt are available frozen for the holiday season, please let us know if you are interested in getting them fresh.

Wild Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass average 2-8#, let us know if you are interested.

Have a love for California White Seabass? We can get this fish year around from farms in Baja, Mexico.  Please let us know if you’d like to put this fish on your menu.

Happy Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving this month! Don’t forget to stuff those turkeys with oyster stuffing this year!

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood