Holiday season is here, prices are starting to loosen and we have a great selection of seafood for this busy time of year!

Lets Start with Caviar!  Always a great choice during the holidays.  We have a wide selection of sturgeon caviar, as well as a selection of roe from salmon, trout, whitefish, lobster, and flying fish.  We have a couple new choice of Caviar for this holiday including Siberian Imperial from the Amur River in China as well as White Sturgeon Caviar from Idaho.  Please see our caviar at

Red King Crab prices are dropping as Russian fleets are growing and fishing efforts are increasing.  All sizes for Red King Crab legs are currently available as well as various sizing of Merus sections.  Alaskan Red King Crab prices are still very high, as an alternative we have brought in a limited amount of Golden King Crab for those wanting a domestic product.

Fresh Dungeness Crab season has begun but most harvesting locations remain closed till mid-December.  The last couple of years Whole Cooked Dungeness Season didn’t start until after the New Year, and we expect the same this year.  However, Fresh picked Dungeness crab meat is available.  Frozen Clusters and Frozen Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab are available and of good value right now.

Pasteurized Blue Swimmer Crab Meat prices have reached their peak.  These record high prices are due to large US demands for crab meat.  We have been assured from our suppliers that prices won’t continue to increase, but there are fears of a depleting resource.  Most blue swimmer crab is harvested from Asian countries that don’t have the resources to enforce laws for a sustainable crab fishery. The NFI (National Fisheries Institute) is trying their best to educate and implement Fisheries Improvement Projects that stop the harvest of juvenile crab under 10 centimeters in width, and stop the harvest of egg bearing females.

Snow Crab Clusters prices remain high as the Canadian quota was reduced 20% this year from Newfoundland and Labrador.  This reduced quota along with an increase in demand creates a natural price increase in all snow crab products.  Snow Crab Clusters are available in 5-8oz, or 8-10oz sizing. Snow Crab Cocktail Claws have been very difficult to source, prices are at all-time highs, but Northeast Seafood has been able to secure a supply thru this holiday season.

Shrimp prices remain stable from all sources including USA Gulf, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and Indonesia.  Rock shrimp supplies from Florida are looking great this year!  We have rock shrimp in 61-70 and 71-90 sizing.

Canadian Frozen Lobster Tails are available, but prices are very high as a small population of China’s 1.3 billion people are willing to overpay and overdemand Canadian supplies.  Canadian Lobster Meat prices are down from the major price spike.  Lobster meat is mostly shucked from the lobsters falling between 1# chix and 1.25# quarters that don’t have a home, creating a market that differs from the frozen lobster tail market.  USA, Maine lobsters are primarily sold as live lobster.  Live lobster prices are currently steady.  This time of year, lobster crawl into deeper waters, weather becomes tough for fishing, and holiday demands put pressure on supplies.  It is common for lobster prices to increase slightly for the New Year Celebration.

Mexican fisheries are continuing to put effort into catching fish.  Efforts will stop for the holiday, but we are currently seeing catches of Yellowtail Jack, California Halibut, Cabrilla Grouper, Red Grouper, and Black Grouper.

Mahi Mahi is back!  The curse of El Nino may have run its course, or possibly the Mahi Mahi have adapted to the warming ocean temperatures around the equator – whatever it may be, there are good numbers of Mahi Mahi being caught in Cost Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Peru.  Prices are back down to levels we haven’t seen in 3 years and should be a great value thru the winter!

Tuna is offered in #1 Sushi Grade Yellowfin or Bigeye, #2+ searing tuna, small yellowfin, or albacore.  We have begun to try a #1 Tuna Loin from Shri Lanka that arrives as a 15# loin in a modified atmospheric package.  This packaging is something like an air balloon around a tuna loin inflated Nitrogen and no oxygen.  The elimination of oxygen prevents oxidation and ensures product with a good color.  Please let us know if you are interested in trying this #1 Tuna in MAP.

Halibut is available fresh wild caught from Nova Scotia (pending weather) and farm raised from Norway.  If fresh is not available from either source, we will have a previously frozen Alaskan Halibut.

Oysters, Mussels and Clams are fantastic this time of year.  Summer plankton provides ample food for shellfish to grown into large plump sizes, then the winter cold clear water flushes them with a clean fresh taste of the ocean.  Salt Spring Mussels are back just in time for the holidays!  There are large mussels are the best on the market, more information here:

Trout supplies from Idaho are going thru some growing pains as one of our largest trout suppliers has changed their business to focus on red fleshed rainbow trout, or red trout.  Red trout are fed a more nutrient rich diet that in turn produces a stronger and healthier fish for farming and eating.  Rainbow Trout with white flesh, known as White Trout will not be available through this farm.  We will have a limited supply of White Trout from other farms in Idaho.  We are expecting White Trout to increase in price by at least 20% in the very near future.

East Coast and West Coast fisheries on the Northern Coasts can experience rough seas this time of year thru winter.  Every winter there is a moment in time when we simply cannot get deliveries.  Either from rough oceans that keep fishing boats at port, bad weather at the ports that keeps trucks and planes from being loaded, or bad weather in Denver.  This is the nature of seafood, and we promise will do our best to keep your seafood supply consistent through this holiday season.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from your friends at Northeast Seafood!


Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood