Holiday Season is here!  We hope to give you some great ideas for your Holiday menu’s and provide information as to what prices may be changing this holiday season.  Great communication can be the difference between a frustrating holiday season, and a fulfilled feeling of gratitude at the end of the year.   We want to work with you this holiday season to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Please give us advanced notice on major events / seafood needs / menu changes so we can be ahead of the demand going into the busiest time of year for seafood!

We have increased our Caviar selection for the holiday season and have a couple domestic choices that are priced so well that everyone should have caviar on the menu this season!

  • Black Opal: Siberian Sturgeon Raised in Florida, offering a small black caviar that is 100% sustainable with a flavor that crushes any other options at this price level. We are excited about this caviar because we hope it will replace the non-sustainable harvest of wild paddlefish and wild hackleback/shovelnose caviar.  Black Opal is priced so low, everyone can be in the caviar game this year!
  • White Sturgeon of the Snake River in Idaho is farm raised in close proximity to the wild native sturgeon that have lived in the Snake River since dinosaurs roamed the earth. We have 2 grades of White sturgeon from Idaho, “Classic” and the premium “Royal”.
  • Overseas we have caviar from Belgium and Isreal with 3 different sturgeon species farmed in these areas: the Russian Osetra, the Siberian sturgeon, and the hybrid of the two (acipenser guldenstatti baerii).  Let us know your preference and we can fit you with a caviar that will have customers wanting more!  Visit our Featured Supplier page for a full explanation on our Caviar

Florida Stone Crab will continue thru the New Year, offering a sustainable domestic fishery that East Coast, Floridians, and visitors to this region always hold a deep love.

Fresh Dungeness Crab will please the other side of the country, West Coast seafood lovers go crazy for their favorite local crab meat. We are currently buying from Northern California and we hope Washington and Oregon will open their crab season in time to meet the increasing holiday demands.  Whole Dungeness Crab is a great way to fill a plate or raw bar with a head turning presentation…and if you don’t want to pick, we have fresh Dungeness meat available as well.

Red King Crab prices continue to rise.  Alaska reduced the fishing quota for the winter season that runs thru January, and Russian Red King Crab has found higher demand for Live Red King Crab in China.  The result is about a $2 increase in red king crab prices, with no foreseeable decrease in demands this holiday season.

Live Lobster prices are holding firm thru December and usually increase for the week of New Year’s Eve.  Lobster meat prices show signs to decrease, but have not yet.

Domestic fresh scallop prices have remained at their high levels since June when captains demanded increased wages and market prices adjusted.  This has opened the door to the Japanese Hokkaido scallops which have gained immense popularity with many of our chefs.  Hokkaido scallops sear up nicely, have a great taste, and the price is right.

Fremantle Octopus is the best octopus in the world.  Harvested from sustainable fisheries of the coast of Fremantle, Australia.  This Australian species (tetricus) is different than the common (vulgaris) octopus known to Spain.  This premium octopus is sold as 3-5 tentacles only in a 2.2 pound(1kg) package.

Wild Black Cod Sablefish, Alaskan True Cod, Rockfish, Dover Sole, and Patrale sole from the Northern Pacific will combat winter winds and freezing air that may keep many fishermen docked in the harbors.  Bad weather is a common occurrence in the winter and can stop boats from leaving port, trucks from leaving docs, planes from flying, and everything in-between.  Please be patient if your seafood is temporarily unavailable do to winter weather this season and we will work diligently to find you a great substitute.

Black Cod Sablefish is available sushi grade quality farmed from Canada, offering a consistent supply for your menu this winter.

King Prawns from Australia are 9” long and approx. 3oz ea!  If you are looking for a WOW factor on your plate, try our Head On King Prawns.

Salmon from Chile and Canada continue to be effected from the March red algae crisis this year.  The crisis created a shortage in supply that predicted a 7-9-month recovery, but salmon need about 2 years of growth to reach market size.  We are now 9 months after the crises and both Canada and Chile prices have increased again.  We are told this latest increase will be our last going into the holiday season.

Escargot is available both frozen in-shell and marinated meat in oil.  This popular French cuisine is sure to step-up the level of sophistication on your menu this holiday season.

Atlantic fisheries will continue to produce Cod, Haddock, Lemon Sole, Monkfish, and Fluke along with a huge variety of oysters and clams.  This years weather has been mild but can change at any time.

Oysters and Clams are in huge demand during the holidays.  If you are planning to put a specific oyster on the menu, please let us know, but we recommend being flexible and rolling with the punches if one brand name becomes unavailable do to the heavily changing availability during the holidays.  We will have at least 50 varieties of oysters to choose from at any given time – they are all terrific!

Manilla Clams, Littleneck Clams, Middleneck Clams, Topneck Clams, Cherrystone Clams, Quohog Clams, Sea Clams, Razor Clams, Steamer Clams, Fresh Chopped Clams, and Jumbo Clams Strips will all be on the menu. There is a reason we carry this many varieties of clams, they all have a different texture and flavor, ask your sales rep and try something new on your next order!

We wish you a happy and successful holiday season and thank you for your business in 2016!

Have a Happy New Year 2017!

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood