Stone Crab Claws from Florida are available in 4-6ct or 6-8ct. Stone claws a best choice rated crab by Seafood Watch due to their unique harvesting method.  In the wild, when a stone crab is under attack, their claws easily detach from their bodies to escape predators. When stone crab claws are harvested by fisherman, they take one claw off the crab, and release it back into the water to regrow. This unique method of harvest has proved be a well-managed effort to sustain reproducing stocks of Stone Crab for future generations.


California White Seabass raised in Baja, Mexico are available in a 4-6# head on size.  These fish are hatchery raised from wild White Seabass stock and have an added bonus of being sushi grade. White Seabass eat a heat-treated parasite free food that makes them very safe for fresh raw consumption.  These fish can be cooked or prepared for crudo, ceviche, or a traditional Japanese sashimi or nagiri. California White Bass are available for Thursday deliveries.


Wild Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass are in season! If you want the real deal from the East Coast, we will be receiving fish from 2-10# pending availability.  These fish will arrive fresh for Monday and potentially Friday.


Nantucket Bay Scallop season is open. Enjoy these delightful treats during their short 2 month window of availability.


Mahi Mahi prices have come down again and will continue to be of value through the holidays.


The last fresh Alaskan Halibut for 2015 arrived today.  The annual total allowable catch quota has been filled and the season is officially closed. Previously frozen Alaskan Halibut will be available in the near future, if you want to stick with fresh seafood will have fresh Nova Scotia halibut intermittently available thru the winter


Canadian Smelt season is here and should run thru December.  These saltwater smelt are delicious and ready for the fryer, available H&G 3-5” length.


Wild Salmon are not available at this time fresh.  We will have frozen boneless wild sockeye fillets available throughout the off season.  If you are looking for a great fresh sustainable alternative, try out Ora King Salmon or Verlasso Atlantic Salmon.


Ora King Salmon, saltwater farmed in New Zealand and are the only open ocean farmed salmon to carry the Best Choice rating by Seafood Watch.  Salmon are not native to New Zealand but there is a strong demand for this fun and delicious fish. The New Zealand Department of Conservation stocks King Salmon as a sport fish for local citizens to enjoy. Ora King Salmon farming operations are a non-competing element to New Zealand’s current fisheries management plan.


Thanksgiving is near and oyster stuffing makes a great addition to any turkey. We have shucked oysters from both the east coast and west coast US. East Coast Select oysters are a more expensive and larger oyster, while the smaller west coast varieties are a more affordable option. Whatever your preference, we will be stocked up for your seafood stuffing needs.