Are you ready for Winter!?  Rocky Mountain ski season is around the corner as tourists will soon start filling in the i70 corridor.  Restaurants are beginning to see a trickle of early holiday bookings as we head into a long and busy holiday season.

Nantucket Bay Scallop season has started with promise of a consistent harvest.  These sweet small treats are known to be the best tasting scallops in the world.  We also have LIVE Nantucket bay scallops in the shell.  They are about 15-count to a pound, and could be a great new way of presenting your next scallop dish!

Columbia River Sturgeon are available fresh and frozen.  They are harvested in a unique section of the Columbia River where they are sustainably raised in a hatchery and stocked into the wild.  They are free-range in the Columbia river, they eat a natural diet, and live the life of any other fish fighting river currents and chasing prey.   These Columbia River Sturgeon taste amazing and are unmatched by any other sturgeon on the market.

Florida Stone Crab Season here!  Known to be a sustainable fishery, Stone Crab Fisherman capture baskets of stone crab, remove one claw off each crab, then releasing them back into the water.  It may sound cruel, but this non-lethal method of harvest allows the stone crab to regenerate another claw, as well as maintain a healthy stock of stone crab for years to come.  Please preorder your stone crabs for guaranteed availability.

Alaskan Halibut season has ended.  We plan to keep fresh Halibut supplies available thru the winter with Nova Scotia Halibut as well as Farmed Norwegian Halibut.  We will also have previously frozen Halibut when fresh supplies become limited.

Walleye season is here!  Great Lakes fisherman are having success catching walleye and will continue to until ice covers the water’s surface.  Great Lakes fisherman also ice fish for walleye, but catches are very weather dependent.

Hawiian markets are plentiful.  Look to run specials of Ono, Opah, Onaga Snapper, Fresh Kauai Shrimp, Hapu’upu’u Black Seabass, and a variety of billfish Kajiki, Nairagi, and Hebi.

Mahi Mahi shows great signs of recovery and are at an excellent price.  Mahi Mahi season in South America is typically from November to February.  We hope to see these fish continue to migrate back to their traditional locations in great numbers.  We anticipate good consistent pricing, with fingers crossed for good luck.

John Dory from New Zealand is being caught consistently this time of year.  If you’ve never tried this fish known to be St. Peter’s fish, it tastes like heaven.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and every year we have a large influx of chefs and retailers looking for gallons of shucked oysters for stuffing.  Please let us know in ASAP if you have a large order.  We will have both East and West Coast shucked oysters.  East Coast Shucked Blue Point oysters are in a full gallon tub with the natural briny flavor.  East Coast oysters tend to be larger and more expensive than the West Coast Shucked Oysters in the ½ gallon.

Crabbing Season has begun and is generally a fall / winter / spring activity.  Dungeness Crab fisherman in San Francisco California can begin setting their crab cages on November 15th.  We will likely start to see fresh Dungeness crab available later in the month, and thru the Holiday Season.  Prices on frozen Dungeness Clusters and whole Cooked Dungeness are of great value now compared to other crab options.

Snow Crab prices are increasing.  We currently supply Snow Crab Clusters in 5-8oz, 8-10oz, and 10oz+ sizing and are anticipating a price increase in the coming months.

Canadian and Main Lobster tail prices are increasing, especially in the large sizes.  Warm-water Spiny Lobster tails are a better value currently, but prices may increase if demand shifts from cold-water to warm-water markets.  Lobster meat sold in 2# units however is decreasing in price for reasons unknown.

We have a new RAW lobster tail available in 4oz’s.  This is possible only with a High Pressure (HP) machine that removes the meat from the shell while still in the shell.  Cooking lobster tail from raw will release much more of the natural lobster flavor into your meals plus customers can open tail shells to reveal a full piece of lobster tail meat.

Alaskan Red King Crab prices remain high but are starting to soften.  We are looking at alternative Alaskan Brown King Crab to reduce your costs.  Brown King Crab is marketed as Golden King Crab and will be your sustainable choice for King Crab this Holiday Season.  We continue to have a supply of Russian Red King Crab, prices are expected to drop as they plan to increase their deep-water fishing efforts.

Scallop markets remain stable.  Last Holiday Season we switched to a previously frozen U-10 Japanese Hokkaido Scallop to reduce the high market costs of scallops.  We don’t anticipate making that change this year, but if you interested in a U12 or 10-20 size Hokkaido, please let us know.

Mussels, Clams, and Oysters are fantastic this time of year.  Bivalves are filet feeders that have the most food available to them in the summer months when long daylight hours grows nourishing photo-plankton.  This time of year the waters turn colder and cleaner, the bivalves are plump with meat from the long summer feeding, but also clean and cold from the winter water.  We currently have wild Johnny Blue Mussels from Maine, Wild Chatham, Mass mussels, as well as farmed Bang Island mussels from Maine as an alternative to the traditional Prince Edward Island Mussel.  Live Scallops in the shell are available, please pre-order.  Clam varieties of all sizes are available from the smallest Manilla and Littleneck Clams to the Large Cherrystone and Quahogs.   We have 50 varieties of Oysters at any given time and spread the varieties from East Coast to West Coast. With the large growing varieties of oysters available we like to spread our varieties based upon farming locations.  If you’d like to see the difference in some of our oysters please visit our webpage at

Enjoy what’s left of this slow time of year, as we prepare for a busy Holiday Season.  Northeast Seafood will continue to bring in the best seafood offered from the USA, and beyond.  We’d love to partner with you during your busy Holiday needs, give us a call and let us know how we can best prepare to make your Holiday Season run smoothly.


Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood