Happy National Seafood Month!

Great Lakes walleye will be available sometime in October.  These fish are difficult to catch during the warm summer months, but move shallow in the fall making them easier to find.  We should see walleye available until late November when the ice begins to form on the Great Lakes.

Keta Salmon from Johnstone Strait, BC starting this week.  Keta offer a wild salmon at the lowest price of any wild salmon.  Cooked, or smoked, Keta are an underutilized wild salmon in the restaurant industry.  Retailers don’t miss-out on this fall retail special that will make consumers crazy.  Keta have similar look and feel as Coho, along with the same great flavor and health benefits.  Give them a try while available for a short time.

Coho salmon season will come to an end before the month is over.  Right now we are still getting large cherry colored Coho with great fat content, some of the best coho we’ve seen in years!

Wild King Salmon, net caught near the Columbia River remains available for the month of October.  As with any wild fish, we may have a short period when the fish weren’t biting.  The season normally runs into December.

Swordfish season from the Northern Atlantic, USA from the deep waters of George’s Banks as well as up north at Grand Banks fishes very well this time of year, producing large 200# + markers with beautiful bright white meat.  This is great time of year for swordfish on the menu. Prices are dropping!

Black Cod Sablefish from the Pacific Northwest is still available wild.  We are seeing mostly 4-5# J-Cut fish, and occasionally 5-7# at a premium price.  When the fishery becomes unpredictable and supply tightens we will bring in farmed Black Cod from Canada.  The farmed black cod are an excellent sushi grade fish, slightly smaller than the wild, they run 4-6# head on.  You can feel safe putting black cod on your menu this fall / winter.

Halibut from both coasts are still producing a consistent catch but we should see the Alaskan fishery slow down soon.  We are getting fish from Alaska as well as Nova Scotia, both offer a premium quality white meat.  Alaskan Halibut fisheries close November 7th but Nova Scotia fisheries remain open.

Farmed Salmon prices from Scotland are dropping as demands during this slow time of year.  This is a good time of year to start considering what salmon you are going to use when wild season is over.  There are many options to consider, the main factors are price, quality of feed, and sustainability of farming practices.  Here is a short list of our farmed salmon from the most sustainable premium quality to the least expensive: Ora King Salmon, Verlasso Salmon, Wild Isles Organic Salmon, Creative King Salmon, Scottish Salmon, Sterling Salmon, Canadian Salmon, Chilean Salmon.

Let’s not forget Steelhead Trout and Arctic Char.  These fish offer the salmon colored flesh with a milder flavor than salmon.  Our premium Skye Steelhead from Scottland, large Norwegian steelhead, and Arctic Char from Iceland are all GMO free products.  We also offer a more local Arctic Char from Cascade Falls in Washington, these fish can range in size from 2-6#, let us know what size you prefer.  Lastly, Chilean Steelhead is our least expensive choice.

Fresh Maine Sardines will return this month for your salads, pickled sardines, and delicate fish flavorings.

Sturgeon is a great item to put on your fall menu.  We are starting to bring some farmed sturgeon in for our regular customers.  Please let us know 1 week in advance if you are committed to putting this item on your menu, so that we can be prepared with adequate supply.

Chilean Seabass prices are increasing but it’s worth it for these large soft succulent fillets of white meat.  We are sourcing extra-large H&G Chilean Seabass from certified sustainable fisheries and cutting in-house to order.  Please let us know if advance when you plan to put this delicious fish on your menu.

Hawaiian markets are great this time of year offering a consistent supply of Ono, Opah, Hebi (spearfish) and Kajiki (blue marlin).

Gulf of Mexico fisheries are producing pompano, golden tilefish, red snapper and grouper.  Grouper prices have recently dropped.  We hope to start seeing catches of Yellowtail Jack from Mexico as well as maintain a consistent supply of Corvina Seabass.   

Hope this helps you to make great seafood selections this fall!

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood