Crab season starts today! October 15th.  Fishing Boats in the Gulf of Mexico raced out for the opening on the Stone Crab Season.  We will have sustainable Stone Crabs claws available as soon as Monday.  Please let us know your interest in advance to secure a portion.

Alaska snow crab (opilio) and tanner crab (bairdi) fisherman also headed out for the opening season today with a much more urgent desire to catch crab as officials announced last week that the total allowable catch on snow crab will be 40% less than last year’s numbers.  These lower limits added to a red king crab season that is predicted to see many large crabs, will likely cause prices on smaller sized crabs to either be unavailable, or be priced much higher than the current market.

Nantucket Bay Scallops season is here!  These 50-70ct scallops are the candy of the sea and a great way to get kids or non-seafood lovers into eating seafood!

Alaskan Halibut Season is coming to an end as the total allowable catch is very close to meeting the quota.  This will be the first time in a number of years that the Alaskan Halibut season will close before the Nov 15th deadline.  We will continue to bring in Nova Scotia Halibut averaging 25-30# H&G.

Try our Norwegian steelhead!  You can’t go wrong with any preparation of this fish!  It’s excellent sashimi, crudo, tartar, cured…any raw application will bring smiles to your guests.  Try frying, poaching, or using any of your favorite cooked preparations and you’ll be amazed at how the Norwegian steelhead retains its moisture in all applications.

Wild Salmon Season is winding down.  Columbia River king salmon will soon become inconsistent, so please start taking this item off your menu and use it for your specials as we move forward.  Coho salmon season is also 3/4 thru the season, prices have gone up as this supply becomes more limited.  We currently have Keta Salmon available as an inexpensive alternative that doesn’t often make it to the Chef’s table. Keta has the same color as coho, the flesh is a little softer, and is most often used in the smoked and canned salmon market.  Wild Keta Salmon is a very sustainable choice and fillet is only $4.95 # for a limited time.

Don’t worry, your wild salmon will be available thru the off season.  We have 1-2# PBO frozen sockeye salmon fillet that is sushi grade.  For those wanting a sustainable fresh option, Ora King Salmon from New Zealand is the only “Best Choice” rated salmon on the market.  A good alternative to this is Verlasso Atlantic Salmon.  We have numerous other farmed salmon including Scottish Atlantic Salmon, Scottish Organic Salmon, Canadian Farmed King Salmon, Chilean Atlantic Salmon; all sold at various price points to supply your white table cloth restaurant, sushi restaurant, or neighborhood pub.

Mahi Mahi prices continue to drop.  This week we saw another $2 drop in our fillet price.  This is a great choice for your menu as we move into winter.

USA Swordfish prices have remained surprisingly low.  Take advantage on these prices while still available.