January is normally a slower month of the year, so let’s look at February!  Valentine’s Day on the 14th is a great time to show off some seafood items like Live Lobsters, red trout fillets, arctic char, and don’t forget the oysters!  President’s Day on the 20th is a huge weekend for skiing and mountain enthusiasts to go out to dinner in in their favorite mountain town.  Restaurant Week Feb 24th – March 5th will jam pack the Denver dining scene, please let us know your price ranges and we can help you WOW your customers and still make money doing it.  Fat Tuesday, Feb 28th closes the month with Mardi Gras, we will have Live Crawfish, Alligator Tail Meat, and Frog Legs for those who want to create the true Creole experience.

Atlantic Salmon is farmed in Chile, USA, Eastern and Western Canada, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Denmark… most of the salmon farms in the world are going to be short on supply thru the first quarter of 2017.  Farmed salmon supplies are likely to recover at the time of year when wild fresh salmon season begins in mid-May thru October.  Farmed Atlantic Salmon prices have risen thru 2016 after the Chilean Salmon red algae fish kill crisis.

Thru this year of salmon turmoil, we have seen consistent pricing from our premium providers of farmed Atlantic and King Salmon, as well as ocean trout (steelhead).  The time has come for you to step up your game! Commodities salmon from around the world are in the same price range as our premium brands of salmon.  Please take the time to learn about and taste our premium salmon brands.  You can support farms that grow healthier salmon not only for your customers who consume it, but also for ocean life.

Our premium brands include: Ora King Salmon, Atlantic Sapphire Salmon, Verlasso Atlantic Salmon, Wild Isles Organic Atlantic Salmon, Loch Duart Atlantic Salmon, Creative King Salmon, Sterling Atlantic Salmon, Skye Steelhead, and Pacific Seafood Steelhead….ask your rep to try one of these great premium brands!

Alaskan Cod Season is Here!  We are expecting to have a great supply of affordable and sustainable Alaskan cod from now thru April.  Icelandic fisherman went on strike before Christmas creating a lot of turmoil in prices and supplies.  As of right now, they are still on strike disputing wages for the laboring forces of fisherman and processors that hold the world’s largest stocks of Atlantic Cod.  We hope that they can resolve these disputes quickly as the Iceland economy relies heavily upon their fishing operations as a major means for a healthy community.

Dungeness Crab fisheries are off to a great 2017.  There was a price per pound dispute between processors and fisherman that was resolved.  Prices are very reasonable with fisheries in California and Oregon bringing plenty of supply to the market.

Crab Leg prices are very firm.  Snow crab and King Crab prices do not look to be coming down.  We are hoping this will change and we may be limited on specific sizes. At the moment, the most available sizing for Russian Red or Alaskan Golden King Crab Legs are 14-17ct.

Stone Crab Claws from Florida are available till April.  Please order in advance if you are interested and we can bring them in for you.

Lobster prices have risen for the New Year, and normally go back down after the holiday season but this year it seems the growing demands in China are pressuring our supplies.  The Chinese New Year is on Jan 28th and hopefully after their celebration we can enjoy lobster prices back to normal…but, nobody seems to know for certain what is going to happen in the next months with Lobster prices.

Rock Shrimp are unavailable currently, but we hope this will change in February.  We have Key West Pink Shrimp as a viable substitute for Rock Shrimp, as well as Royal Red Argentine Shrimp.

Nantucket Bay Scallop season continues, but as weather gets colder, these delicious sweet scallops become more difficult and pricey to attain.  Nantucket season continue to the end of April.

Mahi Mahi season is here, and winter has historically been a great time to find great prices.  This year seems to be better than last year’s El Nino.  February should be the time to see supplies increase and prices drop for Mahi Mahi, but we’ll have to see what the fisherman come up with.

Hawaii tourist season begins now, and puts a pressure on market prices as tourists gobble up many of the Islands seafood supplies.

East Coast fisheries have been catching some specialty fish lately: Black Seabass, Monkfish, Chesapeake Striped Bass, Fresh Sardines, Fluke, and Nova Scotia Halibut.  West Coast fisheries catching California Seabass, Black Cod Sablefish, and California Halibut.   Please check availability before ordering as these items can often change from week to week.

Crawfish from Louisiana are starting to become available. Sold in 30# units, please gather your friends and let us know if you’d like to commit to an order.

We hope 2017 has been treating you well this year, and will continue to be a great year for your business and personal life!  We hope you eat more seafood which will help you to become happier, healthier, and more rich with love!

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood