Wild fish respond to water temperatures, moon phases, current, and depth they like to call home.  Our fisherman piece together this puzzle to catch us a consistent supply of wild seafood while obeying governing regulations to ensure the prosperity of future generations.  Seasonal migrations allows us the bounties of the ocean for a limited time, see what’s currently available below.

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Wild King Salmon



From Alaska, Oregon, or Washington. Copper River, Net King, or Troll King Available Head On, H&G, or Fillet [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Best Choice]




Alaskan Halibut



From Alaska, available H&G or fillet. [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Best Choice]




Wild Coho Salmon

from Alaska, Canada, Oregon, Washington. Net Caught or Troll. Available H&G. [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Best Choice]



Wild Black Cod / Sablefish


Available J-Cut or fillet. [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Best Choice]





Ono from Hawaii


from Hawaii. Loins available per pound.  [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Good Alternative]


Stone Crab Claws

from Florida. Season Opens October 15. Available in small, medium, large, or jumbo sizes. [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Best Choice]



John Dory



John Dory from New Zealand. Available in fillet. [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Good Alternative]


Cabrilla Grouper

From Mexico, Available Whole or Fillet. [Monterey Bay Seafood Watch – Unrated]