4-3 Seafood Market News

Spring is here! Lent continues to Easter April 16th, Passover begins on the 10th and ends the 18th, and our mountain towns will be saying goodbye to another great ski season.  We’ve got a lot a wonderful wild seafood options available in April.  As we move into the... read more

3-3 Seafood Market News

Seasons are changing and we are starting to see some spring run fish!  Spring officially starts March 20th.  Lent is the whole month of March, a great time to offer additional seafood on the menu.  The month ends with National Clam on a Half Shell Day, March 31! Wild... read more

1-15 Seafood Market News

January is normally a slower month of the year, so let’s look at February!  Valentine’s Day on the 14th is a great time to show off some seafood items like Live Lobsters, red trout fillets, arctic char, and don’t forget the oysters!  President’s Day on the 20th is a... read more

Featured Chef Matt Smith – Locality and Door 222

Matt Smith, Executive Chef Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chef Matt Smith learned at an early age that food was in his blood. At age 8, he started cooking the family Thanksgiving dinner. Following the advice of his favorite local chefs, he attended San... read more

Ora King Salmon “best choice” MBA

In the late 1800’s Chinook salmon, also known as King Salmon, were brought to New Zealand from the McCloud River in California.  New Zealand’s rivers lacked a large freshwater species of fish that could be used as a food source.  The King Salmon, along with... read more

12-1 Seafood Market News

Holiday Season is here!  We hope to give you some great ideas for your Holiday menu’s and provide information as to what prices may be changing this holiday season.  Great communication can be the difference between a frustrating holiday season, and a fulfilled... read more

Featured Chef Kenji Eshima of Namiko Sushi

His love for food started at a young age, Kenji Eshima first went to work for Namikos at the age of 15.  Just as most kids are trying to find a place in society Kenji had found his calling in food.  Although Kenji has no formal training or schooling in the cooking... read more

Colorado Chef Association Sponsors

We are proud sponsors of the Colorado Chef Association, the local Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, dedicated to educating culinary students to become Colorado Chefs.  They have an apprenticeship program if you are a chef looking to give a new student an... read more

11-2 Seafood Market News

November is a shoulder month between summer and winter, and often brings the first days of resort skiing for the Colorado season.  As we switch seasons and get ready for winter the windy oceans can be unforgiving to fisherman.  Please keep a back-up plan in mind for... read more

Browne Trading Caviar

Browne Trading The name Caviar is reserved specifically for the eggs (roe) of a sturgeon.  There are 27 species of sturgeon in the world, many are endangered or critically endangered due to habitat fragmentation, over-harvesting, and pollution.  Four species are... read more

10-3 Seafood Market News

Happy National Seafood Month! Great Lakes walleye will be available sometime in October.  These fish are difficult to catch during the warm summer months, but move shallow in the fall making them easier to find.  We should see walleye available until late November... read more

Featured Chef Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel’s mother knew he was destined for the kitchen ever since the day that she couldn’t find her pots, pans and utensils. After an exhaustive search of their home, she found her pans, full of mud in the barn, with her 8 year old son…. “cooking!” Jean-Michel... read more

Featured Chef Jim Smailer

Chef Jim Smailer’s life-long love is seafood and he brings this passion to the menu of Boulder Cork since 1981.  Supported by sous chef Greg Larson, who has been with the Boulder Cork for an equal amount of time, they have a miraculous amount of experience that brings... read more

Saltspring Island Mussels

Paul Simpson founded Island Sea Farms Inc. in 1996 with a diving friend and built a small hatchery on Saltspring Island.  The business grows Saltspring Mussels, a premium, deep-water, rope-cultured mussel.  They operate land-based hatchery and deep-water shellfish... read more

8-24 Seafood Market News

The current seafood market offers difficulty in finding value.  Swordfish season has yet to pick up, Tuna fisheries have had a recent downfall in supply but soon bounced back, Wild Salmon catches have lower volume than predictions, Farmed Salmon prices are leveling... read more

Featured Chef Derek Baril

Chef Derek Baril recognized his passion for cooking at a young age, when he insisted on cooking diners for his family of four in Maine at the age of 13.  He would ride along with his father and visit the local farmers and seafood markets to gather his ingredients for... read more