Featured Chef Thomas Saigon

Chef Thomas J. Newsted Born in Saigon, Vietnam and raised in Oldsmar, Florida.  Thomas first became involved with cooking at the age of 13 in a small-quaint restaurant in Biloxi, Mississippi, where he would visit his mother and siblings during the summer months. ... read more

Vail Food Show Tues Nov. 14th & Wed 15th, 2017

The 2017 Fall Food Show will be held at the Vail Marriott Resort in Lionshead on Tuesday 14th at 11 A.M. – 5 P.M. and Wednesday 15th 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.  Northeast Seafood will have a huge display of fresh seafood available, a fresh oyster bar with a large... read more

11-10-17 Seafood Market News

Are you ready for Winter!?  Rocky Mountain ski season is around the corner as tourists will soon start filling in the i70 corridor.  Restaurants are beginning to see a trickle of early holiday bookings as we head into a long and busy holiday season. Nantucket Bay... read more

Yukon River Salmon, Kwik’pak Fisheries

The Yukon River is the longest salmon river in the world originating from the remote Choda Glacier in British Columbia, crossing the state of Alaska and emptying into the Bering Sea some 2300 miles later. The Yukon provides the main “highway”, the primary route of... read more

Chef Blake Edmunds, Señor Bear

Blake Edmunds, Señor Bear Chef Edmunds is a Colorado native who continues elevate the Colorado food scene with his passion, creativity and dedication. At Señor Bear, Blake will bring his unique, enthusiastic style to the Latin American-inspired concept as Executive... read more

10-11-17 Seafood Market News

Stone Crab Season is coming soon!  The Florida season allows fisherman to start crabbing every year on October 15th.  The prices are unknown until the crab comes back to the docs, and hopefully there is a lot of crab this year.  The recent hurricanes may have affected... read more

9-1-17 Seafood Market News

Farmed Chilean salmon prices have been dropping over the last couple of months as stocks have recovered from March 2016 red tide crisis.  Scottish salmon prices remained stagnant during the European summer holiday and we hope they will soon decrease as we move into... read more

Featured Chef Wiley Earl

Chef Wiley Earl of Smokin Fins and Lucky Fins moved out West from NYC where he started his career in the service industry as a bar back at age 15.  He caught the hospitality bug and moved around a lot absorbing knowledge and expanding his skill set.  Chef Wiley landed... read more

The Big Eat Opens Slow Food Denver

Northeast Seafood sponsored and enjoyed the wonderful food and people of The Big Eat last Thursday the 14th.  The Big Eat is an organization dedicated to strengthening our independent restaurant community and continuing to elevate the dining scene through... read more

7-19 Seafood Market News

We are in the heat of wild sockeye salmon season!  Sockeye is abundant and prices continue to drop.  King Salmon quotas are tightening. We have a great supply of beautiful net caught Kings from the Cook Inlet in Alaska for this weekend, but may have gaps in supply... read more

Handy Soft Shell Crab

Do you love eating fresh crab meat, but don’t like the work of cracking the crab and picking out the little pieces of meat?  Then you’ll love soft shells! Northeast Seafood only offers fresh USA Atlantic Blue Crab during the soft shell crab molting season.  The... read more

Hokkaido Scallops

Bristol Seafood Hokkaido scallops are harvested off the island of North Hokkaido Japan, recognized as a premium scallop species for their sweet flavor and firmness.  Hokkaido scallops are from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable fishery and listed... read more

6-14-2017 Seafood Market News

It’s Father’s Day this weekend! Outdoor patios will be filled with customers hungry for grilled favorites like swordfish, marlin, lobsters and salmon.  June 21st is the Summer Solstice, marking the longest day of sunlight in the northern hemisphere.  Fourth of July is... read more

Featured Chef Penelope Wong of Glenmoor C.C.

Penelope Wong, Executive Chef at Glenmoor Country Club Penelope Wong is celebrating her 13th anniversary in her role as Executive Chef at Glenmoor Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, CO.  During her 19-year tenure at Glenmoor CC, Chef Penelope has fused Contemporary... read more

5-9 Seafood Market News

May 14th is Mothers Day! Happy Mother’s Day to our women chefs, restaurateurs, and retailers!  This is one of the biggest weekends of the year for restaurants as families want to keep Mom out of the kitchen on her special day.  If you are in Boulder, it is also... read more

Browne Trading Caviar

The name Caviar is reserved specifically for the eggs (roe) of a sturgeon.  There are 27 species of sturgeon in the world, many are endangered or critically endangered due to habitat fragmentation, over-harvesting, and pollution.  Four species are thought to be... read more

4-3 Seafood Market News

Spring is here! Lent continues to Easter April 16th, Passover begins on the 10th and ends the 18th, and our mountain towns will be saying goodbye to another great ski season.  We’ve got a lot a wonderful wild seafood options available in April.  As we move into the... read more