Fall 2018 Seafood Market News

Fall is a great time for a menu change and we hope to give you some ideas that will carry you into the holiday season! September offers a twisting contract as the warmest ocean temperatures of year mix with cooling fall temperatures = hurricane season.  Our suppliers... read more

Featured Chef Christopher Lin

Having grown up in restaurants, becoming chef Chris seemed natural. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Chris moved to New York City and worked in restaurants for seven years, most notably Floyd Cardoz at Tabla and David Chang of Momofuku. After... read more

8-21-18 Seafood Market News

World Politics and Global Warming are making our headlines this month!The United States imported from China $21.5 Billion in seafood during 2017.  China is a huge processor of frozen seafood from around the world.  They also have a growing hunger for high-quality... read more

Featured Chef Lucas Forgy

Lucas Forgy is a life student of the restaurant industry.  Growing up in a small town in Iowa, he found his love for the kitchen, at the early age of 15, with his first cooking job in the towns’ steakhouse.  This experience transformed his view of food from a... read more

Rainforest Tilapia

Our farming friends at Rainforest Tilapia in Costa Rica have an amazing story and high-quality tilapia that Northeast Seafood has been distributing for over 15 years.  The quality of the product has always been great, but the consumer confidence has diminished due to... read more

7-13-2018 Seafood Market News

This Sunday the World gathers to watch Croatia and France compete in the World Cup of Soccer!  I don’t think too many soccer fans are going to want seafood at 9am with their beer, but you never know! Wild Salmon Season is at the fisherman’s peak! If you were in... read more

6-8-2018 Seafood Market News

Wild Salmon Season is Here!  Copper River King and Sockeye Salmon are available, and newly opened Alaskan Peninsula, Kodiak, and Prince William Sound fisheries are bringing in fish!  This means that more sockeye and king salmon are available and driving prices down... read more

Riverence Trout from Idaho

Meet Jim Henderhan of Evaqua Farms, also known as Riverence.  Jim is a trout farmer.  He manages 7 sites, all within a 40-mile area of Twin Falls, Idaho.  Jim is apart of the new ownership team that brings pride to being trout farmers.  Jim moved from the ranches of... read more

Featured Chef Tyler Skrivanek

Executive Chef / Partner Tyler Skrivanek of Duo Restaurant Tyler spends countless hours as Chef of Duo Restaurant in the Highlands since December 2005. He cultivates farm-to-table cuisine by building relationships with local purveyors with similar values.   Chef... read more

2018 Rumble in the Rockies Chef Competition

The Flatiron Foodie Film Festival hosted a Chef Competition Sunday April 29th, 2018.  Two teams competed for the crowd and judge favorites.  Chef Theo Adley of the Populist used his elegant and decorative vocabulary to emcee the event.  Each team was revealed the... read more

5-3-2018 Seafood Market News

Happy Cinco De Mayo and Kentucky Derby this weekend!  Mother’s Day is next weekend, a very busy Sunday brunch.  University of Colorado graduation ceremony is on Thursday the 10th, Boulder customers be ready!  Monday, May 28th we are closed for Memorial Day. Wild... read more

2018 High West Oyster Fest

The Annual High West Oyster Fest moved to Denver’s Rino District this year adding more space and chefs with delicious food, great drinks, and a shucking excellent competition.  Ticket sales, raffle proceeds, and donations all added up to a benefit First... read more

3-12-2018 Seafood Market News

Spring begins March 20th on the Equinox, when the sun is directly in line with the Earth’s equator.  Will you see your shadow at high noon on March 20th? Lent continues through March 29th and is a popular time for Friday fish specials. Continuous Nor’easter storms are... read more

Open Blue Cobia

Open Blue Cobia is a one of a kind company conceived from innovation and a passion for sustainable seafood.  Ocean Blue is proving that deep-water mariculture in fully submersible pens not only has lower environmental impacts than traditional options closer to shore... read more

Featured Chef Sam Pepper

Chef Sam Pepper became a chef because he loves to cook, plain and simple. Born in Denver and raised in Ojai, California, he attended the California Culinary Academy in San Fransisco. He rose through the ranks of the Los Angeles restaurant scene and earned his chops at... read more

2-09-2018 Seafood Market News

Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th shares the same day as Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. Lent will continue through March 29th. At the end of February Denver Restaurant Week takes over Denver’s menus from the 23rd – March 4th. The International Pacific... read more

Featured Chef Nate King

NATE KING – Chef As a boy growing up in Sioux City, Iowa, Chef Nate King played in the dirt, artfully assembling twigs and leaves on Frisbee “plates” and serving imaginary diners. At age 15 he took his first kitchen position as a prep cook. He worked his way up to the... read more

12-15-2017 Seafood Market Report

Holiday season is here, prices are starting to loosen and we have a great selection of seafood for this busy time of year! Lets Start with Caviar!  Always a great choice during the holidays.  We have a wide selection of sturgeon caviar, as well as a selection of roe... read more