Chef Oskar Arevalo of Fish Restaurant & Market in Fort Collins attended Le Cordon Bleu, Austin Campus.  He spent time cooking at many restaurants including Haddington’s, Uchiko, and La Condesa.  Oskar returned to Fort Collins and worked at Jay’s Bistro before finding work in Sydney, Australia after which he spent 6 months doing banquet work at the Pullman Hotel in Hyde Park.  After that he began to travel focusing on culinary traditions and eco-tourism – spending the next year traveling S.E. Asia then returning to Fort Collins to land in and lead the kitchen at Fish Restaurant & Market.

“My food is inspired by cultural foods from around the world as well as my classical French schooling.  At Fish, it’s a pleasure to get in fresh products you didn’t expect to see and just run with it.  Fun ideas come out of necessity.  It’s very stimulating to have to come up with new ideas due to seasonal availability.  Four changing daily specials make for large plates to fill.”

Boo Ya!Bouillabaisse

 An example of a slight deviation from classic French food.  Fumet from halibut racks, saffron potatoes, tomatoes, fennel – all very classic.  Sherry for sweetness is a little twist and mounting with butter instead of olive oil thickens to make the dish less soupy. This helps with presentation to make all the seafood visible.  One thing to note about this dish is that it’s not a chum bucket.  All of the fish is picked out carefully and specifically:  Mussels, Clams, Shrimp, and Cod fillet.


scallopsSeared Asian Scallops

 Influences from both Thailand and India here.  The scallops are rubbed with tumeric, Thai chiles, galangal, coriander root and shrimp paste.  Jasmine rice is mixed with eggs and coconut milk, made into patties, and cooked on a griddle until crunchy.  We serve on a banana leaf with a simple sesame aioli and a salad of julienned carrots, daikon, red cabbage, scallion curls and red chiles.  We dress with fish sauce and lime.

Sustainability and freshness play major roles throughout Fish Restaurant’s operations.  Arguing sustainability can be like playing marbles during an earthquake.  In a shifting world climate it’s difficult to know the future, but there are species we never carry because they clearly need to be left in the water.  We look to well maintained fisheries for wild and for farmed products.  We research the fish we serve through the IUCN and/or Seafood Watch to keep up to date on national and international regulations, treaties, restrictions, and news.  Seating less than 50 people at the restaurant with 30 square feet of market makes for creative ordering.  We offer a full menu, 4 (or more) changing daily specials, two (or more) monthly specials, and a few blue plate specials too.  18 different varieties of seafood five times a week from North East Seafood keeps the fish fresh!  We keep all of our seafood stocks on ice ensuring peak storage freshness and allowing customers to window shop their ordered meals, and also take home fish from the market.  Those who know seafood can tell the difference between what some call fresh and what can be seen as fresh.

North East Seafood provides a broad catalog of products from which to choose and we’ve been ordering from them for over 15 years!  Five delivery days to Fort Collins and an easy ordering format keeps us smoothly operating.  Our fish guy, Steve Pellegrino, is a highly dedicated individual and looks out for our best interests.  He is a great face for their business and provides us with well structured spreadsheets, clear information about catches, inventory, and prices through twice weekly e-mail updates.  We’re very lucky to have a strong relationship with such a powerful team.

Visit Fish Restaurant and Market online to learn about their great happy hour, get directions to the restaurant, and learn more fun fish facts.

Warm Regards,

Mike, Kat & the Fish Crew 

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