JAX Fish House throws a great fundraising party again this year at the Boulder Theatre!  This year they raised over $40k to support Blue Sky Bridge, a nonprofit prevention and intervention advocacy center to fight against child abuse.  Northeast Seafood is thrilled to support a great cause and donated 6000 oysters with special thanks to Ballard Fish Company. Penn Cove Shellfish, Rappahannock Oysters, Bivalve Packing, and Harbor House Seafood.

Northeast Seafood’s retired Italian Stallion, Steve Orth or as he likes to be known as “Guido”, came out of retirement to successfully retain his championship rein.  Eating 78 oysters in 60 seconds, Guido captured his win to then eat more oysters at the end of the competition…you have to admire this sort of passion for seafood.

Here are pictures from the event:


Here’s Guido eating more oysters after his win!

DSC_0767 DSC_0770 DSC_0792 DSC_0810

Enjoy More Photos from Danielle Lirette at Westword


Chad Pettrone
Northeast Seafood