Gourmet Fine Catering opened their kitchen to Denver’s Best Chef’s working together to create a 6 course meal inspiring patrons to open their wallets and give homeless pets a new beginning at the Dumb Friends League.  Outstanding cocktails, appetizers, wines, coffee and deserts were also apart of this extravagant event where silent auction items lined the room and live auction items shouted loudly to the highest bidder.  Northeast Seafood was a proud sponsor of the event and are looking forward to next year!

Here are photo’s of the event:


Ivan Ceballos of Sarto’s with his Veal, Almond, and Apricot Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms

beast&bottleChefs Paul C Reilly and Peter Varkonyi with a charcoal-cured rockfish, chili, radish, and smoked olive oil appetizercucumber tunaDana Rodrigues’ Tuna Cucumber Roulade

danaDana Rodriguez of Work & Class with prepared Cucumber Roulade

tourched pine

Chef Daniel Asher smoldering pine needles and filling the room with a delightful aroma that prepared guests for his soup

truffle soup

Chef Daniel Asher’s wild mushroom soup with pine syrup candied bacon, smoldering pine needles and black winter truffles

chefs table soupChef’s working together to plate Chef Asher’s soup: (right to left) Jamey Fader, Dana Rodriguez, Alex Seidel, Darrel Truett, Daniel Asher, Allison Levitus

bacon salad

Chef Alex Seidel’s Mercantile Chop Salad with Treviso lettuce, endive, celery, apricots, dried cherries, poppy seed, almonds, shishito peppers, with a red wine vinaigrette

ravioliCaramelized Onion Brodo by Chef Truett of Barolo Grill

blaire gabby scott

Northeast Seafood owners and Gabby Gourmet: Blair Joyce, Pat Miller and Scott Packer

arctic charChef Troy Guard’s Roasted Arctic Char over shredded duck and parsnip salad with Thai curry sauce

chef's table Ivan

Chef Ivan Ceballos of Sartos reaches to for another plate to start the assembly line of chefs it takes to prepare a top quality dish on a large scale in quick time


chefs table with diners in background

Daniel Asher of Root Down, Linger, Ophelia’s on the left , Jamey Fader of Lola Mexican Fish House, and Dana Rodriguez of Work and Class plate a meal for while guests watch and wait


beef dishChef Jamey Fader’s Colorado hardwood smoked brisket with sweet potato-goat cheese enchiladas, mole verde and tomato escabeche.


Chef Brian T Smith of TAG Restaurant with his peanut butter mouse and guava gellee parfait


auctiontableNortheast Seafood table greeting Gabby Gourmet: (left to right) Blaire Joyce, Pat Miller, Judy Joyce, Scott Packer, Sandy Black, Katie Criswell