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In 2011, Hosea launched Blackbelly, a company founded upon the belief that exceptional foods must come from exceptional sources. Blackbelly started as a food truck focusing on seasonal and local ingredients, featuring naturally raised animals and produce.  The concept rooted quickly in the Boulder scene and customers demanded catering for their special events.  Catering demands outgrew the food truck as did the demand for local ingredients.  Hosea continued to adapt to demands and started Blackbelly Farm to grow his local meats and produce.  In late 2014 Hosea unveiled what all customers truly wanted, a full dining experience, and Blackbelly Restaurant has been continuously rated as one of Denver’s best restaurants ever since.

 The highest quality products executed with powerful flavor combinations and exceptional mixology is just your average day at Blackbelly.  Not to mention the in-house market that is open mornings for charcuterie quality breakfast burritos.  Burrito’s not your thang? You can bring home the bacon and purchase Blackbelly’s smoked and cured licensed charcuterie meats over the counter at Blackbelly market.

 Guess what?  Customers love Blackbelly market and are demanding more…again.  Hosea is going to deliver with a planned expansion of a full Butcher shop coming in 2016. 

 So what seafood can you expect to find at Blackbelly?  Keeping with the theme of exceptional quality, Blackbelly currently uses Ora King Salmon and Fremantle Octopus Tentacles.  Ora King Salmon is Best Choice Rated by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch, putting this fish into a league of its own as the only ocean farmed salmon to receive the sustainable green light.  Ora King Salmon is raised in a pristine aquatic environment, is fed a GMO free healthy diet, and is raised without conflict to wild salmon populations.

 Fremantle Octopus is new to the US marketplace and is making a big ripple in fine dining.  The unique species of Australian Octopus called Tetricus has an exceptional balance of tender flesh and firm skin that crisps well on the grill. 

 Blackbelly let us inside their kitchen to reveal an outstanding Fremantle octopus salad recipe:

DSC_0727The salad is made up of 3 different citrus flavors, Cara Cara Oranges, Blood Orange, and Grapefruit. Alongside that are fennel bulb, parsley, and an herb mix that are waiting for you to dunk them in the dollops of green dressing on the side – what Hosea calls his homemade green goddess dressing: avocado, honey, lemon, tarragon, chive, salt and peper.  

The main attraction Fremantle Octopus, sous vide for 5 hours to then be marinated in olive oil, squeezed orange, fresh tyme, and crushed chili.  When the time is right, a large tentacle is placed onto the searing hot plancha grill till a crisp outer sear coats the octopus.

There is one more additive that really sets the taste buds off when taking a full bite of octopus and salad – Blackbelly’s smoked marcona almonds brings this dish out of your mind and into your favorite BBQ memories.

Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director

Northeast Seafood