Kauai Shrimp

Fresh. Head On. Antibiotic Free. Saltwater Raised.

You have to try this shrimp! It’s arguably the best shrimp in the world!  It’s no secret why these shrimp are so flavorful, the lava-rock filtered saltwater spring offers some of the purest saltwater on the planet.  Kauai Shrimp are also a Best Choice rating by Seafood Watch as well as an antibiotic free shrimp.

Kauai’s saltwater spring is replenished in a natural process where the ocean slowly filters saltwater thru the lava rock island and into the aquifer 500 feet beneath the farm.  The spring water discharges from the ground at a consistent temperature year round making for ideal growing conditions.  The spring water is also bacteria free pure saltwater.   This water gives the Pacific White Shrimp a sweet flavor that is more similar to Amaebi, a Japanese shrimp for raw consumption typically served on rice, or with a fried shrimp head on the side.  Amaebi is sometimes Alaskan Pink Shrimp, but due to strictly regulated fisheries is more likely Botan Shrimp an overfished deep water shrimp from Japan.  Kauai shrimp is sushi grade, always sustainable, and perfect fit for Amaebi.

Sustainable Shrimp; farmed vs wild.  When we say Kauai shrimp is sustainable, let’s go into detail as to what that means.  In the large market of seafood, shrimp sits on top as the #1 consumed seafood in the United States making up over $1 billion in valued sales and 85,000 metric tons.  The United States imports 90% of the shrimp we receive from other countries.

Wild shrimp are captured by bottom trawling, a method of dragging nets along the ocean floor.  Wild historical shrimping areas such as the Gulf of Mexico or Gulf of California have productive shrimp grounds with less bycatch, managed total allowable catch limits, and turtle excluder devices (TEDS) to allow turtle escapement.  Wild shrimp has a distinctly firm meat that is difficult to reproduce at a farm, but you be the judge, we think Kauai Shrimp is one of the few farms that has accomplished a shrimp that taste wild.

Farmed shrimp is extremely sustainable because the farms can be land-based, raised from eggs in a hatchery, and have little to no effect on oceanic life.  But, currently many countries don’t have the knowledge or financial support to produce quality antibiotic-free shrimp like Kauai Shrimp.  At Northeast Seafood we purchase Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified shrimp to support shrimp farms in other countries who are passionate about their shrimp and work towards improving their products.

Kauai Shrimp is unique to this world and we are lucky enough to be able to offer it to you fresh.  Please give it a try and let us know in advance if you plan to add this great item to your menu!

Learn more about the Kauai Shrimp Farm visit their website at www.Kauaishrimp.com

Here are a couple pictures from my visit to the farm:

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Chad Pettrone
Sustainability Director
Northeast Seafood