I have been cooking since I was 15. I started my career in the restaurant business as a dishwasher in Hyde Park, NY at a place called The Twist. Soon after, I moved into a cook’s position and in less than a 1 year I became sous Chef. My passion for cooking and ability to use ingredients in a simple yet unique and delicious way was taught to me by my family. The owners at Twist liked my cooking abilities so much that after 5 months of being Sous Chef, they promoted me to Executive Chef. I continued to run the kitchen at Twist for 3 + more years before moving to Colorado.

When I moved to Colorado I wanted to get a good reputation as a hard working Chef. I was hired at The Huckleberry as well as Zucca in Old Town Louisville. Huckleberry offered a great opportunity to use experiences my Mother taught me at her cake decorating business growing up. I used some of my Mothers tips as well as learned a lot of altitude cooking techniques for the bakery. I also served breakfast and lunch at the restaurant as well as provided large meals for the catering service…they promoted me to Executive Chef at The Huck. I’d spent my mornings and afternoons at The Huck and then walked down the road to Zucca Restaurant where I’d prep for dinner service as a Sous Chef. After dinner service at Zucca, I’d drive down to Red Rocks Amphitheatre for my evening shift.  I worked this schedule for about a year, and then moved to Flagstaff House where I started as a Sous Chef.

Flagstaff House co-owner and Executive Chef Mark Monette offers me the mentorship that I needed to grow as a Chef. Chef Mark is really fun to work with and gives me the freedom to be inspired by beautifully fresh meat, seafood, local produce and herbs that stimulate regular menu changes.

DSC_0713I have always been taught to respect and appreciate the lives of the animals we eat by my grandfather. He was an avid outdoorsman and taught me how to hunt, butcher, and also use techniques to utilize every part of the animal including curing, aging, making sausage, and dehydrating jerky. His techniques continue to inspire me to utilize all of the amazing foods we source.

I love working with northeast seafood because even though we are in a land locked state they provide beautifully fresh fish from all over the world.

Our prosciutto wrapped monkfish with Kauai white prawns, confit potatoes, roasted cauliflower, braised lobster mushrooms, and a prawn and saffron buerre blanc is one of my favorites. This dish utilizes the beautiful prawns in two different cooking techniques as well as uses the underutilized monkfish. The cauliflower is sweet when roasted which pairs well with the earthy mushrooms and the rich prawns. It’s a wonderful dish, please stop by and try it.

Thank you,

Chris Royster