12-16 Market Update

The Holiday Season is upon us and the end of the year is near!  We encourage you to order early and in advance to help us be prepared for your holiday needs.  Here is what is happening in the seafood market along with some ideas that will surely impress your guests.   

Live lobster market has plenty of supply as Nova Scotia lobster fisherman dropped their traps on “dumping day”, signifying the opening day of the Lobster season on the last Monday in November.  Large numbers of lobster are being caught in Canada and will likely hold Maine lobster prices at a reasonable level for the Holidays.  If you have lobster planned for your holiday menu, please let us know in advance so we can have plenty of live lobster available for you.  

Lobster meat prices continue to rise to new highs as Canada has tightened their enforcement of illegal immigrants working at lobster picking facilities.  The increased cost of labor is being passed along to consumers and prices are $4-6 more per pound than last year’s prices.  This may be a great time to try a lobster tail, or whole live lobster instead of lobster meat.  Alternative options to these high prices are: 1-2oz slipper lobster meat, Maine lobster tails in various sizes, warm water Rock or Spiny lobster tails, African Tristan Lobster tails, and whole Langostino lobster from Norway.      

Scallops from the east coast are available and predicted to be more plentiful next year.  The 2016 scallop season is said to be a big year for the industry as fisherman and scientists have been seeing many juvenile scallops that will be fully mature next year.  This year however, has been a poor harvest for the specialty Nantucket Bay Scallops.  These small tender and sweet scallops are in low numbers making for premium prices on this seasonal treat.  Frozen scallop prices have gone up slightly in price, but still a great value.  Larger U-10, U-12, U-15, 10-20 fresh sea scallops will remain consistent through the holidays.

Octopus has been growing in popularity on chef’s menus.  We have fresh small Octopus from Portugal arriving on Thursdays, frozen pre-tenderized Spanish octopus, frozen pre-tumbled Moroccan Octopus, and frozen Fremantle Australian Octopus Legs that have been the newest rave amongst the N.Y. restaurant scene.  We are fully prepared for your Octopus needs!

Hawaii has been having some great fishing lately.  Hawaii’s fish market can be unpredictable but we are getting offers of Mongchong (sickle pomfret), Onaga (long-tail red snapper), Hapu’upu’u (grouper), Opakapaka (pink snapper), in addition to our regular offerings of Hebi (shortbill spearfish), Nairagi (striped marlin), and Kajiki (blue marlin), Albacore Tuna, Opah, and Ono.  If you are interested in specific Hawaiian fish, please let us know.

Northern Pacific waters from Washington to Alaska have been combatting heavy winter winds and freezing air keeping many fisherman docked in the harbors.  Bad weather is a common occurrence in the winter and can stop boats from leaving port, trucks from leaving docs, planes from flying, and everything in-between.  Please be patient if your seafood is temporarily unavailable do to winter weather this season and we will work diligently to find you a great substitute.

New offerings in aquaculture continue to become available as the industry grows in promises of more consistent farmed seafood.  We have a new farmed Norwegian Halibut in the 20-40# H&G size.  The Norwegian Halibut will help us to provide a more consistent supply of fresh Halibut in addition to our fresh wild Nova Scotia and California halibut this winter.  If those three options are unavailable we will have previously frozen Alaskan halibut available for purchase so that you can feel confident putting this fish on your menu.

Another farmed fish that has brought consistent supply to a seasonal wild fish is the California White Seabass.  When the wild fish is available they are line caught in California.  The farmed White Seabass is from Baja, Mexico in the Gulf of California and arrives in Denver as a 4-6# Head On fish.  Being farm raised in a controlled environment makes this fish sushi grade for an amazing seabass ceviche.

Fresh west coast Dungeness Crab season has been closed due to demoic acid levels in seafood causing it to be unsafe for consumption.  This acid will diminish as water temperatures drop, the fresh Dungeness crab season will likely get started in January.  But wipe those tears dry, we do have 1.5-2# whole cooked Dungeness crab available!

King Crab season is here and we have a great supply of large king crab as well as various sizes of snow crab, Jonah Crab, Dungeness Crab, Golden King Crab, and fresh Florida Stone Crab available thru the New Year.  If you’re looking for an easy to portion King Crab try our Merus 2-4 or 4-6oz sections of leg.  If you’d like something easy to open, try our new King Crab Broiler Claws, pre-cut for easy access to delicious large claw meat. 


Thank you for your continued business with us and we hope you have a successful and happy holiday!

Your Friends,

Northeast Seafood