Tuna prices have recently come down as pacific and gulf tuna fisheries finding and catching yellowfin and bigeye tuna.

Wild Salmon Season is still rolling.  Coho salmon may be at the peak of fish availability, and prices are holding low.  Net Caught King Salmon are still occasionally on the market but are transitioning to what we hope will be another banner year for the Columbia River King harvest this Sept – Nov.

New Zealand has given us a couple of gem fish recently.  Bluenose, a deepwater fish also called Antarctic Butterfish, inconsistency of availability makes fish truly a specialty for the plate.   In Japan the bluenose is known as a delicacy for its sashimi.  John Dory is also occasionally available with small skin on fillets that have a signature black dot ringed in gold that is said to be the mark of Saint Peter.  The texture is firm and rich in flavor, and is served skin off.

Halibut season continues and we are having a great harvest from Alaska and Nova Scotia with occasional success in California.  If you don’t want the whole fish or the fillet, and are just looking for the best part, try some halibut cheeks on your next order.

Shellfish Season is here!  Oysters are the best from now till January and we are loading up on our most popular brand locations such as Kumamoto’s, Kusshi’s, Goose Point’s, Wellfleet’s, James River’s, Empire’s, and Chunu’s.  If you haven’t tried one of these brand locations there is plenty of time to get them on your menu this fall.